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November Issue 1 2013

Not so cooperative

Matanuska Electric Association might have followed the required guidelines informing the public of its plan to upgrade a substation off Birchwood Loop — but the full scope of the project wasn’t clearly communicated.

October Issue 3 2013

Celebrating Alaska

Friday, Oct. 18 is Alaska Day. It marks the anniversary of the formal transfer of the territory from Russia to the United States — which occurred 146 years ago in Sitka. It also serves as an opportunity for Alaskans to reflect on the incredible state we live in.

October Issue 2 2013

Congress, enough already

There are endless examples of Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. Congress refusing to work with the other side of the aisle. But the government shutdown is taking it too far. Whether you think the Affordable Care Act is the greatest piece of legislation or the worst, the recent action — or lack of action — in Washington, D.C., is inexcusable.

October Issue 1 2013

Thanks for the feedback

Thank you to everyone who attended the Chugiak-Eagle River Star open house Sept. 25. The turnout was great, and the feedback was much appreciated. We’d also like to thank Piccolino’s Restaurant for allowing us to host the event there and for providing the delicious food.

September Issue 1 2013

Community councils the place to get involved

Many folks are often taken by surprise by the actions of their government, but anyone who spends any time observing the political process knows it usually moves at a glacial pace.

August Issue 5 2013

News-Miner: Alaska school rankings an improvement over federal system

The new state rating system for K-12 schools appears to be an improvement from the federally imposed system it replaces. The state system gave good grades to most Fairbanks schools. They received between one and five “stars,” with five being the best. All but four local schools received three stars or more.

August Issue 3 2013

Got something to say?

A time-honored tradition of community conversation is disappearing, and we’d like that to change. Ever since newspapers have been around, there’s been letters to the editor. The practice of using a paper’s editorial page as a community sounding board has often served as a vibrant and lively forum where others did not exist.

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