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June Issue 4 2013

When it’s hot it’s hot!

Wow. You’ve gotta have a long memory to think back to an early summer that’s been as hot as this one. When you’re running low on sunscreen by summer solstice, you know it’s been a sunny spring. And when local stores can’t keep bug dope on the shelves, you know Alaskans have been getting out and enjoying the rays.

June Issue 3 2013

Fairbanks happy with F-16 breathing room

Air Force officials should be commended for delaying public hearings on the proposed move of Eielson Air Force Base’s F-16 squadron to the Anchorage area. The meetings, previously scheduled for next week, will now occur in mid-July.

June Issue 1 2013

A time and policy warp that’s dangerous for America

A government agency goes after enemies of the president’s policies. Covert operations kill civilians abroad. Phone records are seized and reporters’ privacy at home and at work is invaded. We’re not talking about Watergate, Laos or Cambodia — this is about current events.

May Issue 5 2013

Summer’s in the air

Temperatures in the 70s were a welcome change of pace at the end of May, a month that saw winter’s grip hold on until the bitter end. In just a few short days, trees began to bud, shorts replaced jeans and ice cream sales likely went through the roof. Even Mirror Lake, which just a couple weeks ago was covered in a thick layer of ice, has seen its first sun bathers of the season.

May Issue 4 2013


It shouldn’t have been shocking to see snow coming down again last Saturday, but it was sure strange. After an endless winter filled with late snowfalls, our May 25 spring surprise was just the icing on the cake of what’s been the oddest winter in a long time.

May Issue 3 2013

Congratulations, graduates!

Beginning today, hundreds of young adults from this community will proudly march in front of teary-eyed parents to receive their high school diplomas. It will be a moment none of them will forget.

May Issue 2 2013

Begich beaten up for an independent vote

Alaska Sen. Mark Begich has been trashed in the most vicious way during the past week for his vote against expanding background checks on gun purchases. Agree or disagree with his vote, he doesn’t deserve the abuse.

May Issue 1 2013

No laughing matter

It was a horrific scene. Behind Eagle River High on April 24, two vehicles had collided. Bloody bodies were strewn about the wreckage. As one student lay dying, another was being questioned by a police officer about her involvement in the crash. Emergency personnel rushed to and fro, doing what they could for the injured.

April Issue 4 2013

Summer is on its way!

Punxsutawney Phil was a bit off. On Feb. 2, the world’s most famous groundhog emerged from his winter den and didn’t see his shadow, foretelling a quick spring and early summer. Yeah, right.

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