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Patience is one of our most useful virtues September Issue 1 2011

Patience is one of our most useful virtues

With school just starting, I believe the subject of patience is quite timely. I feel eminently qualified to talk about patience, in that I spent mostof my life totally devoid of this human attribute. Sometimes I think that if I hada modicum of patience as a younger person, I could have done wondrous things. I might have learned how to swim, read music, overcome my mental block on algebra and chemistry, trained a dog to do something impressive, learned how to play golf and perhaps acquired enough skill to draw something more sophisticated than stick figures.

Mountain quest August Issue 1 2011

Mountain quest

The shale slide leading up to the mountain’s ridge was easy to climb, and grass for most of this stretch provided relatively good footing.

Remembering way back when ...Part 1 July Issue 1 2011

Remembering way back when ...Part 1

In this first of two parts, Frank E. Baker recalls the many dramatic changes he's witnessed in Alaska during his residency, which began in 1946.