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The Elsie Oberg story (continued) June Issue 1 2012

The Elsie Oberg story (continued)

Among the more memorable events of her homesteading life, Elsie recalls the eruption of Mt. Spurr in 1953. As the gray ash began to fall, Russell was sent home from work to bring his stock in for fear the ash fall would worsen. The ash was inches deep in Anchorage, hardly noticeable in Palmer, and ¼ to ½ inch thick in Chugiak. It took Anchorage that whole summer to wash the ash from its streets, according to Elsie.

The Oberg family — the early days May Issue 5 2012

The Oberg family — the early days

Easter of 1963 was a memorable one for the Russell Obergs of Peters Creek. It marked the first holiday celebrated by the family in their new home. For the previous ten years they had lived first in a homestead cabin, then in the basement of their home as many of the first settlers in the area had to do.

Chugiak High School — year one! May Issue 4 2012

Chugiak High School — year one!

Chugiak High School finally opened its doors in Septermber 1964. Although two weeks later than the scheduled opening, it met with enthusiasm. The culprit for a late beginning, of course, was the earthquake that occurred that spring. But that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the students, teachers or the community. It actually heightened the anticipation.

The water problem May Issue 3 2012

The water problem

Each spring brings the same old problems of muddy drives and other related problems.

The Chugiak Community Club May Issue 2 2012

The Chugiak Community Club

It was a small group of early residents that met at Park’s Coffee Shop that February in 1947. Their main purpose was to decide on a name for their community and to get themselves properly organized into a group that could oversee activities in their area.

May Issue 1 2012

Anybody need an engine?

When Chugiak postmaster Paul Swanson picked up a bargain at the local surplus store, he got more than he bargained for.

Volunteers pave Chugiak school yard April Issue 5 2012

Volunteers pave Chugiak school yard

A plan to pave a game court at the original Chugiak Elementary School took most of the community by surprise last week because of the rapidity with which it was carried out.

April Issue 4 2012

Postage required

We wish to once more make mention of a matter which we have discussed in the past.

The six homes of Chugiak Post Office April Issue 3 2012

The six homes of Chugiak Post Office

The First Chugiak Post Office was established in 1947. It was located at the Moosehorn Trading Post with Marie McDowell as its first Postmaster. It was commissioned as a fourth class post office, but soon after attained third class status. The post office was located at Moosehorn until 1955, but was temporarily located in a building owned by postal clerk Inez Huseby while Moosehorn was being remodeled. The original Trading Post was eventually torn down.

The Lions Park story April Issue 2 2012

The Lions Park story

Last week the last tree was cut and the poles hauled away in preparation for final clearing of stumps and leveling by machinery on the ball diamond area of the Eagle River Lions Club sponsored Community Park.

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