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Shirley Gavin, dog sled champion March Issue 5 2012

Shirley Gavin, dog sled champion

The top lady dog musher in the whole world is still Chugiak’s own Shiley Gavin.

Wade Charles wins 600 March Issue 4 2012

Wade Charles wins 600

The overall winner of the Midnight Sun 600 snowmobile race between Anchorage and Fairbanks is Wade Charles of Eagle River, who raced his 776 Blizzard Model Ski-Doo in a record 10 hours, 11 minutes and 10 seconds.

Naval battle waged on Mirror Lake March Issue 3 2012

Naval battle waged on Mirror Lake

Peters Creek — A violent disagreement among several boat owners on Mirror Lake last Sunday led State Police to issue a warning to all local residents who use this popular recreation area for swimming and boating.

Alaskan musher on nationwide TV March Issue 2 2012

Alaskan musher on nationwide TV

Joe Redington, Alaskan dog musher and winner of the Fur Rendezvous race this year...

Second annual governor’s picnic March Issue 1 2012

Second annual governor’s picnic

A full page ad in the 1960 Knik Arm Courier contained the following information:

The Glenn Briggs Story February Issue 4 2012

The Glenn Briggs Story

Hogs — and the bacon, ham and sausage they produced...

Birchwood Road talk February Issue 3 2012

Birchwood Road talk

Crushed gravel resurfacing by mid-September was promised for the Birchwood Road at a meeting of the Birchwood Community Club, held last Monday night at the home of Lester Juhnke.

February Issue 1 2012


More than just a coffee shop January Issue 4 2012

More than just a coffee shop

Although the Chugiak Coffee Shop continued to be a common meeting place for the town’s civic organizations...

Parks’ Chugiak coffee shop January Issue 3 2012

Parks’ Chugiak coffee shop

Justine and Cloyce Parks staked out the first five-acre, small-tract homesite in the Chugiak-Eagle River area...