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June Issue 4 2012

Community’s support greatly appreciated

I have always known that I lived in an awesome community populated by awesome people. Never had that been made more evident to me than when friends and neighbors staged and then gathered together for my benefit dinner at the Lions Club Park. I even heard a rumor that a video had been made of the event and I really look forward to seeing it soon, since I wasn’t able to attend.

June Issue 3 2012

Help make Eagle River beautiful

I am a faithful and avid reader of the Star from its early days to present. I love reading local news and getting up-to-date information about happenings in our town. I want to use this forum to put out a plea to all those who would be willing to help make our town a more beautiful place. The work done to widen and improve the ER Loop Road was a much welcomed project. The wildflowers and bush beds along that road improve the view and lend an air of class to our wilderness. They are quickly being overrun with weeds — dandelions and fireweed are growing and crowding out the bushes and decorative grass. Perhaps others could join me, as you make use of the lovely sidewalks, stoop down and weed the beds, regularly. If we all took the time to do this, the beds would have a chance to grow. Thanks to all those who make this wild land a little tamer!

June Issue 1 2012

Community came together for Wells

A lot of wonderful people came together on May 24 at Eagle River Lions Club Park to help support Birchwood Community Council president Bobbi Wells, a community leader and classy lady who has done so much for the entire Chugiak-Eagle River-Birchwood area.

May Issue 4 2012

Event a sweet success

On Friday night, May 4th, Heart To Heart Pregnancy Resource Center hosted its annual Chocolate For Life. This year’s event was well-attended and chocolate desserts of all kinds filled the tables!

May Issue 4 2012

Don’t misuse donation box

I want to share my thoughts on a problem happening over and over again in Eagle River.

May Issue 3 2012

3,732 pounds of food collected by local letter carriers

Last Saturday marked the 20th anniversary of the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive, and I want to thank all those who contributed food or time to help this effort. Undeterred by cool temps and light rain, Eagle River’s letter carriers picked up 3732 pounds of food which you, the local community, generously placed by your mailboxes.

May Issue 3 2012

Stamping Out Hunger food drive a Big Success

Stamping Out Hunger was a big success this weekend. On Saturday, May 12 the letter carriers of the Chugiak Eagle River area conducted their annual food drive. The event, which began 20 years ago, is the largest single day food drive in the United States. More than 200,000 carriers in over 10,000 communities are involved. Last year the donations totaled greater than 70 million pounds of food nationwide and 60,000 pounds of food in Alaska alone.

May Issue 2 2012

Skipper’s help invaluable

I know Kim Skipper is running for State House in Alaska and wanted to share a story with you about her tremendous concern and care for others.

May Issue 2 2012

Arts vital to local schools

We are writing to share our concern for the Visual Arts program in the Anchorage School District. In art classes, students are taught to envision, persist, create, innovate and use their imagination. As art teachers, we can point to numerous former students who are now studying and/or working in graphic design, illustration, architecture and art education. When considering our educational system, and how best to prepare students for the workforce, we understand that the skills we teach will help prepare students for a job market that is unpredictable and ever-changing. For many of our students, the arts are their home throughout the day, the place where they learn how to express themselves, and where they meet their friends and other like-minded peers. Educational studies have shown definitively that students with access to arts education have better academic results, better workplace opportunities and more civic engagement.

April Issue 3 2012

Scouting for Food 2012 a big success

The Chugiak-Eagle River Food Pantry would like to thank our area scouts and our local community. “Scouting for Food,” during which Scouts collect food for local food banks and food pantries, started nationwide in 1986. Today, scouts are committed to providing millions of hours of service.

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