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June Issue 2 2012


It’s that time of year again. The Eagle River Lions Club is planning for their Third of July Extravaganza, held at Eagle River Lions Park on Tuesday, July 3, and we would like to extend an invitation to you to be a part of our annual community event. Each year, rain or shine, the event draws several thousand visitors who spend several hours eating, playing games, and visiting with friends, while waiting for one of the best firework shows in the state.

June Issue 1 2012

Raising funds, having fun

Fundraising for nonprofit organizations is a never-ending battle. Trying to find unique and exciting ways to attract the community’s attention is extremely challenging. Then when you do find something new, everyone else latches on to it and the next thing you know, there’s dozens of the same type of event happening.

May Issue 5 2012

Graduation of a different kind

Youth are graduating all over Alaska, but some receive a different kind of recognition for their efforts. Volunteers of America are the sponsors of ARCH Home, which is located in Eagle River and is an alcohol and substance abuse program to rehabilitate youth from all over Alaska and teach them a better way of life.

May Issue 4 2012

A fun way to help

With summer upon us there are going to be endless opportunities to get out and fish, hike, and play in the great outdoors we call our back yard. As we all settle into our summer routines and prepare for our summer adventures, if you are looking for something a little different, think about spending an afternoon volunteering in the community.

It’s time to play — let’s do it together May Issue 2 2012

It’s time to play — let’s do it together

It happens every once in a while, a moment that makes you sit back in your chair, and reminds you just how lucky you are. Recently, a member of the Eagle River Rotary Club came to a Lions meeting and gave a presentation about a project that will be underway in Eagle River this summer. The presentation was short, and there were no fancy props, bells, or whistles. It was just a person with a message. The message: let’s give every child the opportunity to be included.

May Issue 1 2012

Spring clean- up time!

It’s official: We have survived another winter of snow, ice and wind.

April Issue 5 2012

Lions International a green machine

A Chinese proverb advises us to keep a green tree in our hearts and perhaps a singing bird will come. As we reach the last few months of this Lions year, I can say with certainty that we Lions have planted millions of green trees, our hearts and minds are full of belief and good will towards others, and “singing birds” in the form of beautiful landscapes, purer air and protection of soil and wildlife will descend on all corners of the globe. The trees we have planted are the result of the power of “We Believe.”

Easter dinner with a Wounded Warrior April Issue 4 2012

Easter dinner with a Wounded Warrior

Another Easter has come and gone. Some of us had the opportunity to spend the holiday season going to church services and then a grand dinner with friends and family. However, this is hard to do if you are a wounded warrior and living in Alaska when the rest of your family is thousands of miles away. Although JBER provides holiday dinners at the chow hall, it is somewhat problematic for bandaged soldiers and those using crutches or walkers on the ice.

April Issue 3 2012

Easter egg hunt a hopping success

The Annual Easter Egg Hunt hosted at the Eagle River Lions Park each year has doubled since 2009. This year's event was no different, bringing happiness to approximately 1,500 youth and their families.

Jump in and volunteer April Issue 2 2012

Jump in and volunteer

Service to your community is a widely accepted American concept.

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