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Alaskan warmth, with Jamaican cheer July Issue 3 2014

Alaskan warmth, with Jamaican cheer

Robert Rose thought he’d be cold spending this summer working at Camp Carlquist on the shores of Edmonds Lake in Chugiak. After all, he hails from St. Andrews, Jamaica, where Scouting adventures generally occur under sunnier skies. Yet, he’s been surprisingly warm. On recent days when the temperature pushed 70 degrees, Rose admitted that he misses the ocean breeze that cools his homeland.

The magic and the wonder July Issue 2 2014

The magic and the wonder

When I was growing up on a farm out in northwestern Pennsylvania, my mother would drive my three sisters and me the next town over to watch the fireworks. We’d lie on blankets itching mosquito bites and pinching one another as the darkness slowly descended, and as we waited we stuffed our mouths with candy (usually forbidden) and drank cold sodas (also forbidden) and fidgeted in that hushed and anticipatory moment that stretched on forever.

More than a stylist July Issue 2 2014

More than a stylist

Apply plenty of gel before. Spray a fair amount of high-holding hairspray afterward. Use lots of tender loving care and listen with an empathetic ear in between. That’s the secret to a successful shampoo set at the Styles Your Way salon run by Jayleen Hageman at the Chugiak-Eagle River Senior Center.

A ceremony of closure July Issue 1 2014

A ceremony of closure

You’ve probably seen them while biking, running or walking your dog on the bicycle path along the Glenn Highway, three crosses perched in the straggly grass at the side of the trail, one white and stark, another blue and the last one larger, with bright red letters declaring the name Wollam.

A journey of time and fire July Issue 1 2014

A journey of time and fire

Last week’s rain may be putting a bittersweet end to the wild land firefighting season and the opportunity for members of the Chugiak Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company to gain hands-on experience through a support contract with the state Division of Forestry.

Summer Adventures at Alaska Fine Arts Academy June Issue 4 2014

Summer Adventures at Alaska Fine Arts Academy

We Alaskans love to explore. We take out our maps to find the best trails to hike or pinpoint the hottest fishing spots. But there’s something else on the map you need to explore, and it’s right here in Eagle River: The Alaska Fine Arts Academy, which offers a treasure of adventurous summer programs. The gear for these adventures won’t be hiking boots or fishing poles. Nope, just inspiration for all.

Your local Rotary Club is busy again June Issue 3 2014

Your local Rotary Club is busy again

They’re at it again this year. Members of the Eagle River Area Rotary Club are on the march selling tickets for their much-anticipated I-Did-A-Duck Race which occurs the last day of the Bear Paw Festival.

Local teacher nominated for a GRAMMY June Issue 3 2014

Local teacher nominated for a GRAMMY

Make that GRAMMY nomination number two for Homestead Elementary School’s long-time music teacher and popular local area folk singer/guitarist Robin Hopper. She’s in the same spot she was this time last year: one of the quarter finalists in the GRAMMY In The Schools Music Educator Award competition, jointly sponsored by The Recording Academy and the GRAMMY Foundation.

Baby moose are not pets June Issue 3 2014

Baby moose are not pets

ANCHORAGE (AP) — State biologists are reminding people not to touch moose calves or try to take them home as pets following a string of incidents involving people handling the animals, including one household that had a calf in the living room “as if it was a puppy.”

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