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August Issue 2 2014

Choose Respect

I worked for the State of Alaska Anchorage Airport eight years. A co-worker got a sexual harassment deal going against the airport director. I got it in the news, radio and TV. I turned it in to EEOC as we had nine cases of human right violations there at the airport. I wrote up a number of EEO reports for the minorities. I mailed the two newspaper articles to the Alaska Legislature and hundreds of names listed in the state book. I also mailed hundreds more to all the airlines and aviation safety organizations. I mailed one to the airport director telling him what I did and said that I was trying to help him so he could do his job better. That we need to get everyone everywhere to work on this problem as a team. I got fired and given a life time ban from state employment for making a false statement. DOT refused to say what the false statement was or the name of the person I gave the false statement to. EEOC and now the State Ombudsman has been investigating it for 18 years. They said they are going as fast as they can on the investigation. As it turns out, in my opinion state employees never win against the state management on human rights cases. I joined the NAACP and they picked up my case to Lt. Gov. and now Gov. Parnell. We have given him hundreds of pages of human right violations. He has had the paper work for eight years now. I went to Gov. Parnell’s Choose Respect march last year in Palmer. I asked the governor how many more years does he need to get back with us on the Choose Respect case that I was fired for. He said that he would get back with me on the number of years he needs to get back with me. That was last year and we still haven’t heard from him.

August Issue 2 2014

Thanks for a loving ‘letting go’

Thank you to all the staff at Ravenwood Veterinary Clinic here in Eagle River. You all have served us the past 11 1/2 years with such great care. You treated us as though we were your only patient, providing us with the best care and with great concern, making us feel we were your only patient.

July Issue 2 2014

Anchorage Amendment is common sense way to fix big money in elections

It has become clear that big money spending by corporations in elections is a problem. Since the outcome of Citizens United campaign spending has reached an all time high. The top 32 Super PAC donors in the 2012 election gave as much as President Obama and Mitt Romney raised from all of their small donors combined—that’s at least 3.7 million people giving less than $200 whose voices were overpowered by just 32 megadonors.

July Issue 2 2014

Candy throwing adds sweetness to parade

What a great community we live in where we have the candy parade on the Fourth of July every year. We have a big bash at our place right on the Old Glenn every year and the kids all compete on who will get the most candy. This year the parade had a new participating group in the parade in the classic cars with many old military vehicles.

April Issue 4 2014

Oh, the possibilities

In October, I stumbled upon a new business in Eagle River and it just keeps getting better. Some of you may have known the spot as Harry’s Auto many years ago, or as Napa Auto or the Eagle River Candy Store. Now it is a lovely antique and vintage business called “The Possibilities Shop.”

April Issue 3 2014

Say no to No Trespassing sign

This is in regarding the ‘No Trespassing’ sign posted on the gate of the path that leads to the Wallace Brothers LLC property. What I am saying is I and many others have been using this path for over 10 years and have never seen a No Trespassing sign posted on this path before.

April Issue 3 2014

Thanks so much

The Special Olympic Bowling group of Eagle River would like to thank the Elks Club of Eagle River. Thank you for providing the use of your banquet room so that we could hold our awards dinner and ceremony.

April Issue 2 2014

Letters to the editor

Editor’s note: The following are letters to the editor received at the Star from students at Gruening Middle School as part of their Project Citizen assignment. While all information contained within these letters can’t be substantiated, we’re running them as a testament to how young minds and voices can make a difference.

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