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Farm dreams June Issue 4 2015

Farm dreams

Monastery Acres, a micro-farming operation in Chugiak committed to organic farming principles, recently added food production space to its operation. That’s good news for fans of the farm’s produce, which will be available at farmers markets on Thursdays at the American Legion in Chugiak, and Tuesdays at the VFW in Eagle River, selling the usual farmers market fare, plus one unusual offering for Alaska – tasty tomatoes.

A Special Kind of Strength June Issue 3 2015

A Special Kind of Strength

Dads matter. In the world of special needs parenting, it’s often the mother taking the lead in care-giving, nurturing and shuttling to medical appointments. For those wise enough to look further, one sees the father: the family’s breadwinner and parent garnering the insurance coverage the family needs. He’s the guy behind the scenes playing a crucial supporting role.

Bread connection June Issue 3 2015

Bread connection

The tradition of baking sourdough bread is alive and bubbling well in the kitchens of locals – some of whom are using starters dating decades back in the state’s history.

June Issue 3 2015

Heat, smoke pose health risks

The beginning of the week of June 14 saw a temperature spike Monday, with temperatures at 83 degrees in Anchorage, or 20 degrees hotter than average for that day and one degree hotter than the record high, according to the National Weather Service.

Leaving a legacy June Issue 3 2015

Leaving a legacy

Although the site was familiar, the name of the ball field was changed prior to the Chinook’s first Alaska Baseball League home opener June 13 against the Mat-Su Miners at the Loretta French Sports Complex.

‘Dr. K’ focuses on quality, value in vision care June Issue 3 2015

‘Dr. K’ focuses on quality, value in vision care

Balloons adorned the new sign on Dan “Dr. K” Kosterman’s new sign at the Dr. K’s 20/20 Vision Center (11401 Glenn Highway, Suite B in the Eagle River Mall).

June Issue 3 2015

Burglar assaulted homeowner with stick, police say

Anchorage police arrested Robert Gill, 68, of Eagle River, in the early morning hours of June 8 after they received a call that a homeowner had been assaulted by a burglar.

June Issue 2 2015

Special athletes Lemaire and Owens give meaning to title Champion

With State High School tournaments in softball up in Fairbanks, the state baseball tournament in Anchorage, and all-star track meet in Kodiak, it might have been easy to overlook the meet that measured the true measure of a champion – the Special Olympics.

Locally-raised chickens lay eggs with darker, richer yolks June Issue 2 2015

Locally-raised chickens lay eggs with darker, richer yolks

Feed your own chickens that lay eggs for your own consumption and you gather a product whose nutrient composition is of your doing. It’s a big reason why Jessica Jansen, co-owner of Fire Lake Farm located just outside of Eagle River with her husband, Andy Jansen, began raising chickens five years ago.

Eagle River Elks raise more than $6,000 for Alaska wounded vets June Issue 2 2015

Eagle River Elks raise more than $6,000 for Alaska wounded vets

Al Nagel, treasurer of the Eagle River Elks club, gets teary when he talks about the things the Elks have done to support Alaskan veterans in the Wounded Warriors program.

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