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September Issue 4 2013

A developed heart and mind

It isn’t what you know that is important — it is what you do with what you know that determines everything. The guns that you see on television and in movies were once working guns. They had to be altered in order to be used safely by actors. Independent Studio Services is required to take the functioning weapon and transform it into a prop that fires only blanks.

September Issue 2 2013

Make the Most

September Issue 1 2013

The Question About the Lord’s Disreputable Companions

There is an old hymn called “Jesus Keeps Me Near the Cross” which I am experiencing deep in my soul today because we are closing a chapter of Love INC’s contribution to the community. Yes, our article on September 12th will be the final faith article coordinated by Love INC. This has been a two-year journey! We pray that you have enjoyed the articles contributed by Love INC, friends, and people in the ministry.

August Issue 5 2013

Depression and the Spiritual Life

Depression is not only a physical and emotional problem, but it is a spiritual problem as well. In fact, for the individual who is concerned with spiritual matters, the impact of depression on one’s spiritual life is keenly felt. Our thoughts and emotions continually influence that part of us which we call our spirit. Because of this very close relationship, a disturbance in one affects the other. It is important to recognize this for it helps to understand why we also experience the effects of depression in our spiritual life.

August Issue 3 2013

The Valley of Decision

Regardless of the circumstances that we may be facing we must not delay the demonstration of our resolve. Following Dunkirk the future looked very grim for Great Britain. Their navy had been effectively destroyed, the Royal Air Force was disabled and many British citizens were starving as the Nazis prepared to advance. All they had left was their resolve. While speaking at his old school, Winston Churchill said the current struggles provided an opportunity for greatness. He said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

August Issue 2 2013

Adorn the Doctrine

The great philosopher Frances Bacon said the best part of beauty is that which cannot be expressed. We must be careful that while we stand firm in what we believe, we do not exclude the beauty that the truth of God is supposed to bring into our lives. In a world that seems to trivialize the truth, we can be caught in the trap of being a bit too hard and a bit too rigid. The world may be a difficult place at times but dedication to the truth resolves many conflicts. We must see how the truth of God and the beauty it establishes do not conflict.

August Issue 1 2013

Closing the Gaps

If our commitments match our convictions, we are probably doing pretty well in life. There are a lot of associated discussions that could take place relating to objectives and outcomes, goals and values. Those are pretty important questions that we all have to ask ourselves and that we will undoubtedly answer by the way that we live.

July Issue 4 2013

One thing leads

Investigators of accidents such as airline crashes or nuclear reactor mishaps will tell you that it is very rarely some big catastrophic event that causes the accident. It is almost always a series of small missteps that brings about eventual disaster. In an overwhelming number of airline accidents the plane was running late so the pilot was trying to make up time. Other factors include not enough rest or not enough time flying together as a crew. The typical accident involves seven consecutive human errors. No one of those errors is enough to bring about disaster, but combined, they almost always are.

July Issue 3 2013

Combat Zones

“Flak’ is a word that is a type of acronym derived from a German word: Fliegerabwehrkanonen (Flieger flyer + Abwehr defense + Kanonen cannons). Flak is one of those words that often is misused. Flak on its own cannot inflict any damage, but the bursting shells from flak can do quite a bit of damage. If nothing else, flak is the evidence that the enemy is nearby and would like to do us harm. Under normal circumstances flak would be something to be avoided, but as Steve Kerr, once the chief operating officer of Goldman Sachs said, “If you’re not taking flak, you’re not over the target.”