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November Issue 3 2013

“New Chugiak post office building opens”

An open house was held at the new Chugiak post office building last Saturday, Dec. 10, 1960. A special cake, which was an exact replica of the new building, had been baked by Mrs. F.S. Lee, of Swanee Slopes, and was served with coffee to the guests and patrons.

October Issue 2 2013

“Chugiak post office robbed”

Sometime last week the Chugiak Post Office was robbed, but fortunately the victim was not the United States mail but Postmaster Paul Swanson. Sometime when the post office was closed, a sneak thief stole one of the guns that Paul had displayed in the lobby of the post office.

October Issue 2 2013

“Postmaster sports new plates”

Chugiak Postmaster Paul Swanson will be advertising the zip code of the local post office everywhere he drives this coming year. Swanson requested that the license plate number of his car for 1966 correspond with the zip code of the Chugiak Post Office.