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May Issue 5 2013

Largest class in school history graduates from ERHS

If Eagle River High had a bumper sticker, it would read: “Many voices, one school community.” Due to its unique population, principal Marty Lang described ERHS as such during the Class of 2013 graduation ceremony at Sullivan Arena on May 16.

May Issue 5 2013

A family atmosphere

With kindergarten through 12th grade all under one roof, Birchwood Christian School students know the entire student body, not just their classmates. And that’s what they love about it.

May Issue 5 2013

‘We’re all gonna miss it’

Two hundred sixty-six names were called at Sullivan Arena on the evening of May 16. Despite its large size, Chugiak High’s Class of 2013 had a strong bond, senior class president Isabel Hakala said.

May Issue 4 2013

Sports and architecture

Malaysia is quite famous for it’s infrastructure and architectural buildings.Certain places in Malaysia have major architectural carvings that have been there since the 7th century, as Malaysia was once a common ground for traders. Portuguese architecture can be found in Malacca, some dating all the way from the 16th century. There are quite a number of European architectural buildings from when Malaysia was conquered by the Dutch and British. Malaysia is also home to a few amazing infrastructures, such as the KLCC tower, which is an 88-story twin tower. Malaysia is also home to many religious worship houses with amazing architecture, such as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Batu Caves temple and Tua Pek Kong temple and the St.Paul’s Church.

May Issue 4 2013

School’s out forever

The students won’t be the only ones leaving Chugiak High this week. The last day of the 2012-13 school year is today (May 23), while tomorrow is the last day for teachers — marking the end of three longtime teachers’ careers. Robin Pekrul, Andy Sullivan and Jon Schroeder have been working at CHS for a combined 83 years.

May Issue 2 2013

A bit more about my Malaysia...

The saying time flies when you’re having fun really suits me right now. This is my fourth column entry and I still feel as though it’s only my second. I got a question from a reader who asked me to write about the nature in Malaysia.

An adventure Down Under April Issue 4 2013

An adventure Down Under

Justin Toth’s first trip outside of the country will be a memorable one. The Eagle River High sophomore leaves June 16 for a 20-day trip to Australia through the People to People Ambassador Program. “It’s pretty big for my first time,” Toth said.

Building skills April Issue 3 2013

Building skills

How many people can say they know how to safely operate an electric saw? How about install shingles? Or build a shed? A handful of Chugiak and Eagle River high-schoolers can.

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