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March Issue 1 2014

Thanks for the extra effort

Life is full of opportunities and challenges. Where we go and what we seek can give us courage, strength, and endurance or defeat if we allow. A young man in our community was faced with a big challenge and a hero in our town stepped up and made a 3-point basket.

March Issue 1 2014

Thanks so much

I would like to thank everyone who donated warm items to Project Homeless Connect last year. This year we had over 2000 warm items to give away. We appreciate The Tangled Skein and Far North Yarn Co. for allowing us to place a collection bin in their place of business.

March Issue 1 2014

School cuts result in starvation mode educational system

To offer another angle on all the posturing and passion regarding the current debate about school funding, consider these results of the legislature’s three year “get fit” funding diet on the school I teach at, Eagle River High.

February Issue 4 2014

Give Eagle River football a chance

Eagle River High School has hired a new football coach who teaches in the building that, in my opinion, is a number one prerequisite to a successful football program.

February Issue 2 2014

New Food Pantry director thanks community

WOW, what a fantastic community. As I am just getting started working with the Chugiak-Eagle River Food Pantry, I am very impressed by the outpouring of contributions that make our community a better place.

February Issue 1 2014

Budget cuts hurt students’ post-secondary opportunities

Recently, a group of former Eagle River High students came back to talk to my classes about college. These students graduated between 2010 and 2013 and transitioned to universities ranging from Ivy League to state schools. I asked them to talk about how to smoothly transition to college.

February Issue 1 2014

Lions thank community

The Eagle River Lions would like to thank the schools, organizations, volunteers and the community for their generosity during the Christmas season. They are the Eagle River Parks and Recreation, students and staff at Alpenglow and Ravenwood Elementary schools, Carrs-Safeway, Boy Scout Troop 230, Lydia Henderson and various other individuals.

January Issue 3 2014

Family thanks community for support

In February 2011, our daughter, Sarah Daria Matthew, was diagnosed with brain cancer. At the time of her diagnosis, Sarah was a senior at Chugiak High School. Our family began a battle for her life and the community of Eagle River and Chugiak stood with us.

January Issue 2 2014

Healthy lifestyle begins at home

Children are around many different things that can make it easy for them to overeat and harder for them to exercise. Texting, surfing the web, watching TV and playing games on the computer are activities that require very little energy. They can take up a lot of time since kids get addicted to beating that next level.

January Issue 2 2014

Teen seeks more local indoor activities

Alaska has a vast wilderness, but in this town of Eagle River, people could agree that there isn’t much activity to do. Sure, there are parks and activity you could do outdoors, but why is there nothing for indoor activity?

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