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January Issue 2 2014

Healthy lifestyle begins at home

Children are around many different things that can make it easy for them to overeat and harder for them to exercise. Texting, surfing the web, watching TV and playing games on the computer are activities that require very little energy. They can take up a lot of time since kids get addicted to beating that next level.

December Issue 4 2013

Stop littering to reduce accidents

In Alaska, there is a wide variety of wildlife that we love to encounter and see. However, more and more animals are being attracted to roadsides due to people throwing garbage out onto the road.

December Issue 4 2013

Don’t waste funds on tennis courts

With our local tennis courts underutilized, and the Alaska Club tennis facilities similarly underused (76 percent vacancy at the East and North clubs for the first six months of this year, per their report), one can’t help but wonder why Chugiak-Eagle River Assembly and legislative members would support Mayor Sullivan’s tennis complex spending spree?

November Issue 4 2013

Keep kids safe by making them visible

While driving to work early in the morning, I see several neighbors out walking their dogs. Although I don’t personally know these people, they are a regular sighting on my drive to work. I always wave as if they know me by name, and they always wave back.

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