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More than just a coffee shop January Issue 4 2012

More than just a coffee shop

Although the Chugiak Coffee Shop continued to be a common meeting place for the town’s civic organizations...

January Issue 4 2012

My journey of faith (Part 1)

I am Irma J. Register, one of seven Associate Pastors of the Eagle River Missionary Baptist Church...

January Issue 3 2012

“Who is God’s Greater Holy Temple and their leader?”

My name is Jacqueline Ray of GGHT (God’s Greater Holy Temple) in South Anchorage.

Help shape our community January Issue 3 2012

Help shape our community

Community service isn’t for everyone, or so some may think.

Parks’ Chugiak coffee shop menu January Issue 3 2012

Parks’ Chugiak coffee shop menu

In place of a recipe this week, the Chugiak-Eagle River Historical Society would like to share the menu that was printed on the Parks’ old Parksville flyer. Thanks to their daughter, “Sparkey” for sending the society a copy:

Passing of a death trap January Issue 2 2012

Passing of a death trap

As winter draws to a close, we are suddenly aware that a milestone has been passed for this community.

January Issue 2 2012

“Ordinary time”

Soon we will enter into ordinary time on the Church calendar.