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September Issue 2 2013

A Place to Serve

Each fall as I look out my windows in South Fork Eagle River and down the Eagle River Valley I am always amazed by mother natures’ wonder. The snow is on the high peaks and the fall colors are abundant. This community of Lions serves in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

September Issue 1 2013

Vision screening at the Alaska State Fair

Do you know what the strongest muscle is in your body? I would guess the heart or the leg muscles, right? Well the answer is very convoluted as there are several muscle groups in our body. The extraocular muscles of the eye may be small, but their ability to carry out repeated motions is worth noting. I’ve heard it said these muscles are “100 times stronger than they need to be.” They are also referred to as the “busiest” muscles. For example, while reading a book, these eye muscles make over 10,000 coordinated movements. Eye muscles also constantly adjust the position of the eye and can fix the eye vision to a steady point. When we are asleep, the eye muscles exercise themselves by carrying out rapid eye movement to be ready for a stressful and straining day ahead.

August Issue 5 2013

Lions support Special Olympics

At our quarterly cabinet meeting last weekend we had the honor of having Special Olympics Alaska, Inc., provide us with our lunch program. The program was very moving, emotional and inspiring to all in attendance.Lions throughout the world are partnering with Special Olympics and becoming a fan of sports. The Oath of Special Olympics is: “Let me Win. But If I Cannot Win, Let Me Be Brave In the Attempt.” I think we can all learn from that oath. August is the month of engaging youth and we are doing that by supporting the Special Olympics program.

August Issue 3 2013

From a new Lion’s perspective

I joined the Sleeping Lady Mountain Lions Club in Eagle River when I was 19 years old. Before I joined the Lions Club I helped out many months with various fundraisers. The Lions Club held a fundraiser for my little brother Ty, who has a brain tumor. He needed to seek treatment at the Seattle Children’s Hospital. The Lions helped raise funds to help with those expenses. At that time I was so impressed with what the Lions did for my little brother. At that point I realized how much the Lions help out people with anything they need help with.

August Issue 2 2013

Lions and Leos join in Relay for Life

Our local Chugiak-Eagle River Relay for Life Event took place at the Harry J. MacDonald field this past weekend. 26 teams and 189 participants set up tents, campers and motorhomes around a track and members of each team took turns walking the track. Food, music, games and activities were provided by teams and volunteers during the fun filled 20 hours. This event celebrates the lives of those who have battled cancer and inspires hope by sharing accomplishments and progress with others.

July Issue 3 2013

Hupe honored

Lions International recognizes outstanding individuals by bestowing on them an award that is named for its founder, Melvin Jones. This Fellowship Award (LCIF) is the highest form of recognition and embodies humanitarian ideas consistent with the nature and purpose of Lionism. The recipient of this award becomes a model because of the exemplary service to his club and the community for which it serves.

July Issue 2 2013

Get ready for a rodeo!

The Eagle River Lions would like to thank everyone for all their support throughout the year and for your assistance in our hosting another fantastic Independence Day Celebration at our community park.

July Issue 1 2013

Raising funds, having fun

Fundraising for nonprofit organizations is a never-ending battle. Trying to find unique and exciting ways to attract the community’s attention is extremely challenging. Then when you do find something new, everyone else latches on to it and the next thing you know, there’s dozens of the same type of event happening.

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