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March Issue 3 2013

“Easter Bunny guest at big hunt”

A giant sized white rabbit carrying a basket of colored eggs strolled among youngsters at the Peters Creek Community Club annual Easter Egg Hunt last Sunday.

March Issue 1 2013

“Snowballing vigilantes build fort around school”

Almost everyone is denying it, but it appears as if a self-appointed anonymous group — who from now on might best be referred to as Eagle River’s Snowballing Vigilantes — was out in force the other night dumping about four truck loads of snow on the grounds of Chugiak Elementary School.

“First round lost” February Issue 3 2013

“First round lost”

This editorial by editor/publisher Rusty Bellringer ran in the Aug. 17, 1960 edition of the Knik Arm Courier.

February Issue 2 2013

“Plans for local prison”

From a column by editor Rusty Bellringer in the Knik Arm Courier, Oct. 7, 1970.

February Issue 1 2013

ER Shopping Center stays busy

From The Eagle, a weekly newspaper published by Shirl Mauldin, Jan. 18, 1963 edition.

January Issue 5 2013

“Number, please”

The Matanuska Telephone Association announces that June 30, 1963 will be the “Change-Over” date in the Greater Chugiak Area.

January Issue 4 2013

“Bearfoot Awards Announced”

The winners of the first annual “Bearfoot” awards for outstanding public service were announced at the annual meeting of the local Chamber of Commerce last Monday night in the Lions Den of the Eagle River Shopping Center.

January Issue 3 2013

“A few words from MTA”

In the early part of 1963, when Chugiak residents were all on party lines, Matanuska Telephone Association ran a weekly ¼ page notice in the Knik Arm Courier, addressing the problems subscribers might be having with their telephone service. The following is one that was printed in April 1963.