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January Issue 1 2012

“O Come Let Us Adore Him”

Why do over 250 people come to spend one hour at a time in a small chapel at St. Andrew Church?

The year ahead January Issue 1 2012

The year ahead

Well we’ve made it through another New Year’s Eve; the spectacular fireworks...

None 2011

Spiritual Well Being

Christmas is the season when churches fill up with people as the birth of the Messiah is celebrated around the world.

Rice and Frank casserole None 2011

Rice and Frank casserole

Preserving our past December Issue 4 2011

Preserving our past

“We’re losing too many of our old timers and their personal histories!”

December Issue 4 2011

Bishop shares personal journey to ministry

Who is Bishop Dave Thomas?

Before town square, the library, or Taco Bell December Issue 4 2011

Before town square, the library, or Taco Bell

As the sun rises at 10:02 in the morning, a cow moose with a calf in tow can be spotted in one of many neighborhoods throughout our town.