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January Issue 4 2013

Small mistakes can become big issues

Anyone who has spent any time in Alaska’s outdoors has made mistakes — more than we’d like to admit. It’s a big state and there’s a lot of room for big errors. I’m not going to dwell here about obvious blunders — like forgetting mosquito repellent, matches, raincoat, not taking enough food, a knife or extra socks. I’ve done all of those things at least once, and some even worse. I’d rather confine this discussion to the more subtle, seemingly benign mistakes that can compound into bigger problems.

January Issue 3 2013

A day without oil is a nightmare

I’ve heard it said that you usually dream at night about what you thought during the day. Amidst the ongoing debate about the use of fossil fuels, global warming and alternative energy, I’d been thinking a lot about how different the world would be if there weren’t any petroleum products. Maybe I thought about it too much.

January Issue 2 2013

Mid-winter Chinook disdained by outdoor enthusiasts

Back when it was cold and our snow had a lovely fluffiness, I recall people bemoaning winter’s frigid grip and wishing for warmer weather. Their wish was granted at the end of 2012. And now, moving into 2013, our ground is covered by an endless sea of ice — smooth, glare ice; ice covered with water, ice covered with sand, gravel and kitty litter. We’ve been glaciated.

Going the distance for others…and then there are those who even go farther January Issue 1 2013

Going the distance for others…and then there are those who even go farther

A recent column about “going farther” during hikes and climbs got me to thinking more about those who go the extra mile for others. The thought was fresh in my mind because of the recent death of Anchorage’s Jim Crockett, a tireless advocate for the homeless and hungry.

December Issue 4 2012

Smoking Cessation – Did you make it? (Part 3)

Ed. Note: Earlier in two installments, Mountain Echoes columnist Frank E. Baker recounted the toll smoking took on his immediate family and how he eventually managed to quit. He also offered tips on how to quit smoking, noting organizations such as the American Cancer Society, which offers smoking cessation classes. In this installment he checks in simply to offer encouragement and reinforcement to those who have been unsuccessful in their efforts to kick the habit, or currently in the throes of nicotine withdrawal.

Change of scenery nourishes the soul December Issue 3 2012

Change of scenery nourishes the soul

People have asked me, “if for any reason you couldn’t live in Alaska, where would you go?” Without thinking, I quickly list Canada, New Zealand’s southern island, Switzerland, the southern tip of Argentina, Patagonia — in other words, places that look a lot like the 49th state.

December Issue 2 2012

Fortunately, there are those who venture farther

I discovered quite a while ago that no matter how far I hike in Chugach State Park or other areas, there are those who will venture farther.

December Issue 1 2012

Black Friday madness: Consumer culture gone astray

Driving past Walmart on Thanksgiving eve before the big 8 p.m. “Black Friday” sale, I took note of the long line of brake lights and hordes of eager shoppers. Every year I avoid these sales and the ensuing madness that they inevitably bring.

Advisory Board seeks trails support November Issue 5 2012

Advisory Board seeks trails support

People from Girdwood to Anchorage to Eagle River to Hunter Creek along Knik River live adjacent to one of the largest and most unique state parks in the nation — Chugach State Park — a 495,000-acre recreationists’ paradise of mountains, valleys, lakes and streams and diverse wildlife. But in many locations, access to the park has become problematic and some of its trails are in dire need of maintenance, if not re-routing.

Healthy lifestyle promotes “preventative medicine” November Issue 4 2012

Healthy lifestyle promotes “preventative medicine”

While the government, insurance companies and health-care mega-businesses constantly debate health care issues to protect their separate interests, (note the operative phrase ‘protect their separate interests’) there is a seldom-discussed panacea, albeit not a perfect one, that could go a long way toward reducing health care costs: Preventative medicine.

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