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Fuji Farewell May Issue 1 2012

Fuji Farewell

After spending nearly five decades as Chugiak’s most curious curio shop, the treasure trove known as Fuji Gifts is being liquidated.

Hanging out May Issue 1 2012

Hanging out

Josh Otto is terrified of heights.



To see her splashing energetically in the springtime mud outside her parents’ Chugiak home, you’d never guess that the ball of energy and mischief called Madisyn Brittain was once a frail infant whose survival was very much in doubt.

Staged accident teaches students a grim lesson May Issue 1 2012

Staged accident teaches students a grim lesson

On the morning of April 25, Chugiak High students streamed out of their classrooms to witness a nightmare.

Know the fitness level of your canine hiking companions May Issue 1 2012

Know the fitness level of your canine hiking companions

Prudent travelers make a concerted effort to match fitness and skill levels among members of a group on backcountry excursions. It’s common sense, promotes safety and adds to everyone’s enjoyment. But do we use the same amount of discretion with our pets? On an early summer climb in the Chugach Mountains several years ago, I severely miscalculated the endurance of my dog — a two-year-old standard poodle — and put us both in jeopardy.

May Issue 1 2012

Legislature approves money for a host of Chugiak-Eagle River needs

From nearly $30 million to fix Eagle River Road to $5,000 to replace the kiln at Fire Lake Elementary, the 2013 capital budget has something for almost everyone. Here’s a run-down of local projects approved for state funding.

May Issue 1 2012

Eklutna Bridge, Eagle River Road get state funds

Two crumbling stretches of local infrastructure were among the biggest winners when the 27th Legislature wrapped up its regular session earlier this month in Juneau by passing a $3.3 billion capital budget that includes millions for local infrastructure improvements.

Citizens on patrol May Issue 1 2012

Citizens on patrol

On a sunny spring evening, the Birchwood Community Patrol rolls into the parking lot of a local park, where several cars sit idling. In short order, two vehicles full of teens decide the big green pick-up is an unwelcome neighbor and high-tail it out of the parking lot.

Chugiak church celebrates 50th anniversary May Issue 1 2012

Chugiak church celebrates 50th anniversary

There’s a party Saturday — and everyone’s invited.

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