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Happy trails November Issue 1 2011

Happy trails

A howling wind, blowing snow and freezing temperatures couldn’t knock the grin off Isaac Lammers’ face on Sunday, Oct. 30.

Local music promoter honored November Issue 1 2011

Local music promoter honored

Having promoted more than 500 concerts involving more than 300 artists, Eagle River’s Mike McCormick is well known from Anchorage to Palmer.

“Wild bear encounter” November Issue 1 2011

“Wild bear encounter”

One day when I was 2 or 3 years old, my mom and I went up to Alaska to see our friend Ms. Mary.

Library honors three  dedicated women October Issue 4 2011

Library honors three dedicated women

Three women who poured countless hours into creating and sustaining a library in Chugiak-Eagle River were recognized with a dedication ceremony Thursday, Oct. 20.

Keeping warm in winter October Issue 4 2011

Keeping warm in winter

With winter ready to break down autumn’s door and establish its dominance over Alaska...

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