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December Issue 2 2012

“The Chugiak Spring Carnival”

From the April 8, 1954 Chugiak Calendar.

December Issue 1 2012

“19- and 20-year-olds get privileges”

From a column in the Knik Arm Courier, July 19, 1970.

December Issue 1 2012

“Anchorage curfew can be enforced here”

From a column in the Knik Arm Courier, Oct. 14, 1970.

November Issue 5 2012

“Big Xmas Celebration Planned Here”

From the Nov. 25, 1970 issue of the Knik Arm Courier, and edited by the Memory Retrievers.

Do you recognize this photo? November Issue 4 2012

Do you recognize this photo?

This photograph was found in the archives of the Chugiak-Eagle River Historical Society. It included no mention of the date it was taken or any of the men who appear in it. The society is seeking the public’s help in figuring out who — and perhaps when, where and why — this photo was taken. The society has hundreds of photos in its archives, and many have not been identified. From time to time, the Star will run some of these photos in this space in hopes of learning more about their historical significance.

November Issue 3 2012

“The Parkgate Building”

Four pages of the July 19, 1973 issue of the Chugiak-Eagle River Star were devoted to the opening of the Parkgate Building in Eagle River. It was located on the site of the former “Swap and Shop” business that had opened in the 1950s which had new and used merchandise. The following information was gleaned from that issue of the Star and edited by the Memory Retrievers.

November Issue 1 2012

“The Library on the Move”

Published in the Knik Arm Courier on Feb. 3, 1965: A demonstration project, financed by matching Federal and state funds, would place a branch of the Anchorage Library in the Greater Chugiak Area. This project is under the supervision of the Anchorage library and it is designed to place out-stations of the library throughout the Greater Anchorage Area Borough.

October Issue 4 2012

“Local man accompanies astronauts on hunt”

This article from the Knik Arm Courier, Oct. 5, 1966, follows a local Chugiak man who took three astronauts hunting and fishing in Alaska.

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