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Man, 60, dies  in Hiland rollover August Issue 1 2012

Man, 60, dies in Hiland rollover

Anchorage police said an Eagle River man died when his vehicle rolled over on Hiland Road on Thursday, July 26.

A walk for all ages August Issue 1 2012

A walk for all ages

Folks who aren’t quite as energetic as some of the event’s stars are still welcome at this year’s Chugiak-Eagle River Senior Center Walk for Seniors.

A colorful rock star August Issue 1 2012

A colorful rock star

For more than half a century, “Yellow Rock” has been an Eagle River landmark.

Fire stories August Issue 1 2012

Fire stories

Nobody ever joined the Chugiak Volunteer Fire Department to get rich.

Got fish? July Issue 4 2012

Got fish?

There’s still plenty of time to head into winter with a freezer full of fish.

Local boy needs brain surgery Outside July Issue 4 2012

Local boy needs brain surgery Outside

Recently, Mary Meacham’s son, Ty, had been complaining of frequent headaches.

Fundraiser for business owner July Issue 4 2012

Fundraiser for business owner

A fundraiser will be held for George Gardner, owner of Hilltop Recycling in Chugiak, on Saturday, Aug. 18 from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. at the Mug-Shot Saloon in Wasilla.

July Issue 4 2012

Is our political system a model of the human brain? (Part 1)

College professors are increasingly crossing disciplines in their exams. For example, what if one of them combined the fields of psychology, neurology and political science to create this final exam question: Compare and contrast the two-hemisphere human brain with the American two-party political system.

Brown bear attacks ER man July Issue 4 2012

Brown bear attacks ER man

A brown bear mauled and seriously injured a hiker in the woods above Eagle River Road on Sunday afternoon.

Arctic Thunder arrives July Issue 4 2012

Arctic Thunder arrives

Arctic Thunder Open House 2012 is coming July 28 and 29 at JBER, and numerous units will have aircraft participating.

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