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May Issue 2 2014

Taking a map out of crime

The Anchorage Police Department recently launched RAIDS Online, a new crime mapping system designed to keep citizens informed of crime activity in their area. The system maps and analyzes crime data while alerting Anchorage citizens both of crime in the community and crimes they might wish to track.

Go get ‘em, Aerie May Issue 1 2014

Go get ‘em, Aerie

Well, Aerie has done it again. The Anchorage Police Department’s 2 ½ year old Belgian Malinois K-9 dog led officers through Baxter Bog in search of two males suspected of stealing a vehicle. According to APD, it went down like this.

April Issue 4 2014

Waiting for answers

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — The families of two inmates who died in Alaska jails within a week of each other are looking for answers to questions they say are not being answered.

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