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October Issue 1 2013

Thanks for the feedback

Thank you to everyone who attended the Chugiak-Eagle River Star open house Sept. 25. The turnout was great, and the feedback was much appreciated. We’d also like to thank Piccolino’s Restaurant for allowing us to host the event there and for providing the delicious food.

September Issue 1 2013

Community councils the place to get involved

Many folks are often taken by surprise by the actions of their government, but anyone who spends any time observing the political process knows it usually moves at a glacial pace.

August Issue 5 2013

News-Miner: Alaska school rankings an improvement over federal system

The new state rating system for K-12 schools appears to be an improvement from the federally imposed system it replaces. The state system gave good grades to most Fairbanks schools. They received between one and five “stars,” with five being the best. All but four local schools received three stars or more.

August Issue 3 2013

Got something to say?

A time-honored tradition of community conversation is disappearing, and we’d like that to change. Ever since newspapers have been around, there’s been letters to the editor. The practice of using a paper’s editorial page as a community sounding board has often served as a vibrant and lively forum where others did not exist.

August Issue 2 2013

AHFC should keep smoking out of public housing

The Alaska Housing Finance Corp. should resist efforts to derail its new no-smoking policy for public housing units. The issue generates a blizzard of conflicting claims about rights, freedoms and responsibilities. However, the state has the right to set the new rules and good reason for doing so. It should stick by them.

August Issue 1 2013

Scouts add much to community

There’s a heck of a lot of scouts in this week’s paper, and that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention around these parts. Chugiak-Eagle River is the unquestioned center of scouting in Alaska, with three of the state’s largest troops and the picturesque Rasmussen Scout Reservation among our area’s claims to scouting fame. Eagle Scouts seem to grow on trees here, and it’s not uncommon for the pages of this paper to be graced with the photos of multiple newly minted Eagles — in fact, there’s three on page 5 of this week’s edition.

July Issue 3 2013

Another festival for all ages

It was gratifying to see so many faces young and old out enjoying the wonderful weather we had for this year’s Bear Paw Festival. That this event is truly for everyone is always one of our favorite parts of the four-day fun fest.

July Issue 2 2013

It’s finally here!

The Ferris wheel is turning, the cotton candy is sweet and forecasters are calling for plenty of sun. After another long year of waiting, Chugiak-Eagle River residents are ready to party at the annual Bear Paw Festival, which is now officially open!

July Issue 1 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

Today at 2 p.m., one of our area’s favorite and longest-running traditions will continue with the annual Chugiak Fourth of July Parade, which begins at Latimer Hall on the Old Glenn Highway and concludes at Chugiak Elementary.

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