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August Issue 3 2012

A debate to be proud of

As the Aug. 28 primary election approaches, it’s likely we’re going to hear more radio advertisements from the various candidates asking for our votes. We’re probably also going to see some television spots, and anyone who reads this paper (or any other, for that matter) knows there’s been plenty of political ads in print as well.

August Issue 2 2012

Outside trips hurt health care

As employers, insurance companies and consumers grapple with sky-high health care costs in Alaska, we’re hearing more people talk about what some might consider the nuclear option for institutions in Alaska — subsidizing travel costs to send more patients Outside for cheaper treatment.

August Issue 1 2012

Our own shooting star

Internet traffic in our neck of the woods is likely to spike early Saturday morning when homegrown hero Corey Cogdell goes for gold at the Olympic trap shooting competition in London.

July Issue 4 2012

Another frightening reminder

Our thoughts are with the family of Bob Eder, a local man who became the latest person to have a nasty run-in with a brown bear this summer in Eagle River. As of this writing, Eder was in critical condition at Providence Hospital with wounds his family described as severe. We wish Mr. Eder a speedy and complete recovery from this terrifying incident.

July Issue 3 2012

GUEST OPINION: Plenty of room for election improvements

Retired Judge Daniel Hensley found no evidence of fraud or corruption in the 2012 Anchorage municipal election. That’s good, because what he did find — or rather confirm — was bad enough.

July Issue 2 2012

Players’ language in foul ground

Going to an Alaska Baseball League game at Chugiak’s Loretta French is a uniquely-Alaskan experience that shouldn’t be missed. From the field’s mountain-ringed scenery to the free admission to the signature hill beyond left field, our local diamond has proven itself as a welcome addition to the historic collegiate summer league.

July Issue 1 2012

Welcome to the jungle ...

Whew, what a busy time in our community! In just the past week, Eagle River has hosted a pair of huge events, including a sun-drenched Highland Games and an explosive fireworks show and July 3 celebration. Then just yesterday, Chugiak hosted its 42nd annual Fourth of July parade, an annual American tradition that proves there isn’t a more patriotic town anywhere.

June Issue 4 2012

Need a lift?

If you’re lucky enough to live in some parts of Anchorage, getting a ride somewhere isn’t that big of a deal. Taxi service is timely and efficient, and whether you live on Dimond or Debarr, it usually takes just a couple minutes to get a cabbie to pick you up at your doorstep and take you anywhere you need to go.

June Issue 4 2012

No Meat, No Problem

If you think giving up meat to become vegan or vegetarian will destroy your chances of eating out — think again!

June Issue 3 2012

Cook Inlet producers must strike a balance

Hilcorp’s recent announcement that it plans to reopen the Drift River oil storage facility comes with concerns about operating a tank farm in an environmentally sensitive area that also happens to be at the foot of an active volcano.

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