Archive of: Weekly Ed Opinions



February Issue 3 2012

Legislators address military budget cuts

Alaskans who are concerned at the recent pattern of news regarding the future size and structure of the military presence in our state should be reassured that their legislative leaders are working together to address it.

February Issue 2 2012

Reflecting on a job well done

Joyce Little has been the face of advertising in Eagle River and in this newspaper for decades.

February Issue 1 2012

EDITORIAL: Alaskans take a lot of pride in our toughness

We were reminded of that the other day when a longtime area resident remarked that it had finally warmed up enough outside for her to enjoy coffee on her front porch for the first time in a month.

January Issue 2 2012

War’s a lonely place.

That’s as true for those fighting as for those left behind.

January Issue 1 2012

Have you signed up for your PFD yet?

If you’re like most of us, your probably haven’t — but you’ve likely already been thinking about getting online to get in line for your annual cut of the state’s massive oil wealth payout.

October Issue 1 2011

EDITORIAL: This isn’t the end.

When four Chugiak senior football players and their parents gathered outside a small meeting room at the Anchorage Hilton, they did so in hopes of salvaging a lost season and lost dreams. A few hours later, in a different part of town, they learned their dreams had died.

September Issue 1 2011


THIS ISSUE marks the debut of the Chugiak-Eagle River Star.

July Issue 1 2011

Dipnetting Rules of the Road

The annual dipnetting frenzy at the mouth of the river has become a cherished ritual among urban Alaskans, and their arrival on the peninsula is as predictable as the salmon they follow. And because of the incredible bounty Alaska has to offer, there's plenty of fish for everybody – especially this year. But before you pack up the coolers and head for the beach this weekend, it might be a good time to remember a few simple things that will help make everyone's experience safer and more enjoyable.