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April Issue 2 2013

Vandalism un-American

Someone in Eagle River vandalized several political signs on Election Day, a cowardly and un-American act if there ever was one. Who committed the vandalism is still unknown, although there are several disturbing facts about the incident that leave us wondering about the campaign of an Anchorage Assembly candidate and her supporters.

April Issue 1 2013

An apology

In our March 28 edition, the Star ran a column that painted an unfavorable picture of a local restaurant’s vegetarian eating options (“No Meat, No Problem,” Page 13).

March Issue 4 2013

Let it snow!

Ok, so the big snowfall we got recently might have come as a springtime surprise, but let’s think positive.

March Issue 3 2013

Say anything

Sometimes the struggles of life can seem unbearable. In just 24 short hours, we’ve got to figure out how to manage work or school, exercise, family, friends, relationships, entertainment, social media…the list goes on and on! Simply getting up in the morning can be a real chore when what we’d really like to do is stay under the covers and hide from the world all day.

March Issue 2 2013

What a race!

Sterling’s Mitch Seavey won the 2013 Iditarod Tuesday night, outracing Two Rivers musher Aliy Zirkle to the finish line by a little more than a half hour.

March Issue 1 2013

Our hometown hero

We were thrilled — and more than a bit awed — to see Chugiak’s own Jim Lanier was once again donning his signature hockey pads at the start of this year’s Iditarod March 3 on Willow Lake. If there’s someone who embodies the independent Chugiak-Eagle River spirit, it’s Lanier.

February Issue 4 2013

Trouble ahead

Talk is cheap. Unfortunately, natural gas won’t be for much longer. That’s the message being sent by local utilities, whose predictions of a gas shortage have caused some folks to wonder seriously if they wouldn’t be better off burning wood.

February Issue 3 2013

Missing the target

They’ll get around to that budget eventually. But first, members of the Alaska Legislature have more important work to do — like passing feel-good legislation designed solely to pander to voters in the next election cycle.

February Issue 2 2013

Congress should quit playing games with Chugiak-Eagle River

Earlier this week, officials with the U.S. Department of Defense warned massive potential budget cuts could deal a devastating blow to the military. If the “sequestration” cuts go into effect, the Pentagon will be forced to slash $46 billion from its budget in the next seven months.

February Issue 1 2013

Legislators should give the money back

Legislators should use the amount of cash they need of what they are allotted to cover office expenses and return the unused portion to state coffers.

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