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April Issue 4 2015

Community rallies to bring relief, support to house fire victims

Today, I feel especially proud of our Chugiak-Eagle River community, after reporting on a house fire and its aftermath that occurred last weekend. I spoke to the Edwards family. Days after escaping a house fire with only the clothes on their backs and watching their home burn down while firefighters battled to control it, husband and wife said they felt, not devastation, but an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

April Issue 3 2015

Here comes the sun

Soon, like the lyrics in Of Montreal’s “Oslo in the Summertime,” Alaska will be a place where “nobody can fall asleep / staring out the window from my bed. / At 4 a.m. the sun is up.” (If you haven’t heard this bouncy tune, download it sometime and play it on warm day. Those Norwegians really get the whole midnight sun thing.)

April Issue 2 2015

Got 99 problems and a truck ain’t one

I needed to drive the truck. I didn’t want to drive the truck. It was Chase’s truck; I was happy with that. I had driven both trucks that preceded our current one. They were big, awkward, and clunky. I was happy leaving the truck to my husband and driving my van.

April Issue 2 2015

If discrimination falls on a conservative, does a liberal hear it?

In a video posted by mayoral candidate and Anchorage assembly member Amy Demboski, she confronts a man she suspects of vandalizing her campaign signs, including cutting out the image of her face from some of them.

April Issue 1 2015

School board should reign in spending

Remember Alaska’s economic challenges during the 1980s? In 1980 the one billionth barrel of oil passed through the Alaska pipeline and it was worth $21.59. By 1982 oil reached $34 per barrel and 469,740 Alaskans received the first PFD. After Steve Cowper was elected governor in 1986 the wellhead price of Alaska crude fell from $24.00 to $12.00. The Persian Gulf War in 1990 brought oil back up to $20 per barrel to begin our gung-ho economic recovery.

Mother Nature’s annual spring fake out, or the real thing? April Issue 1 2015

Mother Nature’s annual spring fake out, or the real thing?

I have a photograph of twin snowmen in our backyard, with rocks and carrots for facial features, sticks for arms, and cilantro for hair. The cilantro matches the green grass barely poking under the fresh snow in the background.

March Issue 4 2015

Voting a public duty, family tradition

This week, I interviewed the four major candidates for mayor (see story, “How to solve a problem like Anchorage,” page 4). And over the past two weeks, I attended three of the candidates’ Chugiak-Eagle River area meet-and-greet events, plus one for school board candidate Elisa Snelling.

March Issue 4 2015

State rep remains loyal to constituents

I took a solemn oath to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States and Alaska. My responsibility is to those sacred documents and to the people of Alaska, particularly all of you, my constituents in Eagle River. Those bonds are stronger than any I shared with the caucus here in Juneau. If there is ever a conflict between my oath to the Constitution and promises I made to my constituents, versus the caucus here in Juneau, I will choose my oath to constitution and my promises to the people.

March Issue 4 2015

The Rory effect: siblings change with baby onboard

It wasn’t there. I checked, Xavier checked, and then I double checked. It had been there every week for more than 52 weeks. As I looked one last time, I chided myself for not picking it up long ago; why had I waited until the last minute? I sighed, ready to give up and move on. Then Austin enthusiastically announced that he had found it.

March Issue 3 2015

Star seeking freelancers, digital outreach

The writer cuts a romantic figure in popular imagination. Virginia Woolf once wrote, “Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind is written large in his works.” John Steinbeck said, “In utter loneliness a writer tries to explain the inexplicable.”

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