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February Issue 4 2015

Eagle River Traffic Mitigation project taking public comments

The public comment period is open until March 20 for the Eagle River Traffic Mitigation project draft design study. The report encompasses design planning that would see road upgrades around downtown Eagle River, including main upgrades for the intersections of Eagle River and Artillery Roads, and Business Boulevard and Old Glenn Highway. The project team is seeking comment on its three development alternatives, detailed in the report.

February Issue 3 2015

Hospitals could compete to build Eagle River emergency room

On Feb. 25, a yea or nay from the State of Alaska on a proposed emergency department expansion at Providence Hospital will, indirectly, be either a thumbs up or down for a proposed emergency room in Eagle River.

February Issue 3 2015

Pick.Click.Give., and keep local non-profits in mind

As of press time, 299,616 Alaskans had applied for the Permanent Fund Dividend, which is accepting applications through March 31. That means plenty of Alaskans haven’t filed yet; it’s fewer than half the number that applied in 2014.

February Issue 2 2015

There are no weak military spouses

I owe a lot of women an apology. It’s not for something I said, but for something I thought. When my husband enlisted in the Army, numerous women shared their stories, experiences, and advice with me to prepare me for the journey I was about to embark upon.

February Issue 2 2015

The place we call home

When I was a young child, I lived in an apartment at the corner of Sun Beau and Eagle River Loop Road, in a four-plex owned by my grandparents. It had a large, triangular front yard, and a sloping yellow corrugated awning that stretched out below the second-level balconies. I climbed the lone, large tree that grew in the yard’s center, made dandelion chains in the grass, and visited my grandmother’s greenhouse that sat atop Grandpa’s garage near the back of the property. I walked with my mother to the playground at Homestead Elementary. When I went to school there, my favorite field trip was the picnic at the creek by the local fire station, where we got fireman hats and ate sandwiches on the grass next to a footbridge.

January Issue 5 2015

Learning to let kids have their own look

I am a very opinionated person. I know just how things ought to be, particularly how my children’s hair should look. My little girls should have long, curly hair. It’s okay if their hair isn’t naturally curly; that happens to be why curlers were invented. I have enjoyed playing with Clara’s hair over the years, and looked forward to many more years of this blissful, girly bonding.

January Issue 4 2015

The Star is not moving

The Chugiak-Eagle River Star has gone through some changes that have caused some people to wonder about Morris Alaska’s dedication to the community. As the new publisher, I want you to know that you are important to our company and that we are working to reestablish our presence there.

January Issue 3 2015

Friends, activities a gift to share for those alone

My husband is gone, again. I really ought not complain. He’s just TDY (temporary duty) to the Lower 48 instead of deployed. I am a very lucky girl, currently he is in a non-deployable unit. Right now there are Army wives in Alaska with husbands in Kosovo.

January Issue 2 2015

General aviation helps Alaska’s farms and businesses take off

Alaska is known for many things, the vast array of wildlife, breathtaking vistas, hunting, fishing and other recreational activities. But many people may not think of the peony flower when they think of Alaska. The truth is that the peony is a highly sought after commercial flower with a very limited growing season. Peony flowers require highly specific environmental conditions and Alaska is the only region in the world that is currently producing peonies between the months of July and September, a time when many of these flowers are sought for weddings. This has given Alaska a unique advantage and the industry is expanding on a daily basis.

January Issue 1 2015

Looking forward to another year of Alaska adventures

Happy New Year! I am so excited that I get to spend the next year here in Alaska. Last year we finally began to really experience Alaska. I hiked Mt. Baldy for the first time. My husband and eldest son went on a hunting trip that necessitated the purchase of a new freezer. My husband went dip-netting, and I learned to cook salmon in a way my family will eat it. We camped from Homer to Denali National Park. With that taste of Alaska we are hungry for more and are making plans.

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