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January Issue 2 2015

General aviation helps Alaska’s farms and businesses take off

Alaska is known for many things, the vast array of wildlife, breathtaking vistas, hunting, fishing and other recreational activities. But many people may not think of the peony flower when they think of Alaska. The truth is that the peony is a highly sought after commercial flower with a very limited growing season. Peony flowers require highly specific environmental conditions and Alaska is the only region in the world that is currently producing peonies between the months of July and September, a time when many of these flowers are sought for weddings. This has given Alaska a unique advantage and the industry is expanding on a daily basis.

January Issue 1 2015

Looking forward to another year of Alaska adventures

Happy New Year! I am so excited that I get to spend the next year here in Alaska. Last year we finally began to really experience Alaska. I hiked Mt. Baldy for the first time. My husband and eldest son went on a hunting trip that necessitated the purchase of a new freezer. My husband went dip-netting, and I learned to cook salmon in a way my family will eat it. We camped from Homer to Denali National Park. With that taste of Alaska we are hungry for more and are making plans.

October Issue 5 2014

Alaska Native vote could impact election

ANCHORAGE (AP) — When it comes to the voting power of Native populations in the U.S., Alaska comes out on top. Alaska Natives make up 17 percent of Alaska’s voting-age population, the highest percentage of any state, said Malia Villegas, National Congress of American Indians Policy Research Center director. Villegas gave a presentation on the Native vote at the joint Alaska Federation of Natives and NCAI conference Wednesday in Anchorage.

December Issue 4 2014

Giving to others is a gift to yourself

A man and a woman live in an old van in our neighborhood. They’ve been living there for over a year. We first noticed the van last winter, parked at the end of the road. We noticed it on the evenings we drove back from the gym. We naively assumed that the van belonged to the house near where it was parked. After a few months, though, we began to wonder, and a few nights later, we noticed a light on inside the van. In the glow of that dim bulb we made out the blurry features of a man and woman sitting in the front seats.

December Issue 3 2014

Christmas traditions come from the heart

I cannot believe that it’s just a week until Christmas. It seems to have snuck up on me this year. Normally, I start playing Christmas music in November. This year between getting a new phone and a new computer in October, all my playlists were lost. Normally, I start decorating the day after Thanksgiving, but we were out of town. Normally, I go to all the very cool art and craft shows, the Christmas tree lighting, and other fun holiday-themed activities. This year we were out of town, under quarantine for chicken pox, or celebrating birthdays. My husband is a December baby; while my son’s birthday was in November it was postponed because of travel.

December Issue 2 2014

Research points to freshwater problem with Mat-Su salmon

The Mat-Su Basin Salmon Habitat Partnership, representing 55 organizations that share an interest in sustaining salmon in the Mat-Su, hosted a conference in November. During the two days of the 2014 Mat-Su Salmon Science & Conservation Symposium, speaker after speaker gave detailed descriptions of recent and on-going projects that are providing baseline data and documenting the scope of impaired salmon habitat in the Mat-Su basin.

December Issue 1 2014

Grateful for opportunity to reconnect with family

It’s been almost four years since we moved to the 49th state, and as a family we have not had the opportunity to visit the mainland. During this time I have missed our family and friends.

November Issue 4 2014

Raise your glass to the guy behind the sports pages

It’s Thanksgiving holiday season, time to gather around the table, eat turkey or tofurkey (trust me, it’s not as good as it sounds) and give thanks to the treasures and fortunes of the past year.

November Issue 3 2014

No, I don’t live on the tundra, and I haven’t met Sarah Palin, either

My family and I have spent the past week visiting family all over the South. Coming from Alaska they all have lots of questions. Do we live on the tundra? Have I met Sarah Palin? Is life up there really like it is depicted on reality television?

November Issue 1 2014

Waiting for jury duty — and enjoying it

The letter arrived in March. I was summoned for jury duty. The timing could not have been worse. I would have a small baby the week I had been assigned.

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