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September Issue 2 2014

Bonding with Sergei Khrushchev

This spring my in-laws visited for four weeks. The birth of their second granddaughter was supposed to be the grand finale, but instead happened less than 48 hours after their arrival. What we were to do with the rest of their visit?

September Issue 1 2014

Five things to watch in Alaska general election

ANCHORAGE (AP) — Legalizing pot, trying to find the Libertarian candidate for Senate and whittling through a growing field for Alaska governor are among the things to watch ahead of the Nov. 4 election.

August Issue 4 2014

How I became a fisherwoman (with a pink fishing pole)

Before coming to Alaska, I was never much of an outdoors woman. In particular, I had never really been fishing. I wasn’t opposed to the idea of fishing. Hanging out by a river or lake with a pole and a cooler full of cold drinks sounded like a lot of fun.

August Issue 3 2014

AARP’s Health Tip: Avoid Doughnuts

The dog days of August are the most likely time for Medicare Part D participants to fall into the “doughnut hole” and see their prescriptions costs rise. With AARP resources, you can see if you’re at risk of falling in, and find options for lowering your drug costs.

August Issue 2 2014

Voting helps shape Alaska’s future

‘Tis time to vote again in Alaska— Tuesday, August 19 is the primary ballot. The number of times I have visited the ballot box would almost make me think voting was a true Alaskan pastime. However, I am dismayed by the generally abysmal numbers.

August Issue 1 2014

Thanks for the honor, but others deserve recognition

It was an honor to have my name considered for attachment to the baseball field at Loretta French Park. It is also humbling because there are so many people more deserving of recognition than am I. Among the first to bring youth baseball to Chugiak-Eagle River were Paul “Bud” Fillmore, Stan Nickerson, “Hunk” Petranovich, and Max Pyles, Little League coaches in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Teams from Chugiak and Eagle River first played in the Katmai League, based in Mountain View. When new teams wanted to form, Katmai’s eight-team maximum would have been exceeded. The solution was to form a separate four-team league here, leading to Knik Little League’s formation 50 years ago.

August Issue 1 2014

Chugiak-Eagle River delegation supports oil tax reform, opposes Proposition 1

As legislators sworn to serve the best interests of our constituents and the state as a whole, our delegation is proud of our unanimous votes to pass the oil tax reform bill known as Senate Bill 21. We encourage all Alaskans to join with us to vote no on Proposition 1 seeking its repeal.

July Issue 5 2014

Alaska offers a new and “leafy” way of eating

Before moving here, I pondered what living in Alaska would be like; I wondered if it would change our eating habits. Watching reality television of Alaska gave me visions of a freezer full of moose, salmon, and king crab.

July Issue 4 2014

Sitka man gets medal, six decades late

SITKA (AP) — After a delay of more than six decades, Mike Perensovich has received the prestigious Air Medal for the some 200 missions he flew as a flight engineer in the Berlin Airlift.

July Issue 3 2014

Block party offers a chance for fellowship and new friends

Over the weekend my neighbors hosted a neighborhood block party. They went up and down our whole street inviting everyone to a get-to-know-each-other potluck. The church that both our families belong to provided a sound system, grill and bounce house. However, the real attraction was fellowship with those who live near us.

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