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November Issue 2 2013

Holding a grudge

In the world in which we live, it is very common for people to hold a grudge against another person — sometimes for years. I would like to try to convince you that there is an alternative — forgiveness. Let me give you two examples to see how forgiveness always has a better outcome than remaining angry. In the Bible, we read about two men: Joseph and Ahithophel.

November Issue 1 2013

Holiday cynicism

Many of us are coming to the realization that “it’s coming." By “it,” I mean the holiday season. Maybe you got out of bed today and stared at yourself in the mirror wondering, “Am I ready for this?”

October Issue 4 2013

Unveiled reality

“Our first and great duty then is to bring to our studies and to our inquiries after knowledge a mind covetous of truth, that seeks after nothing else, and after that impartially, and embraces it.”

October Issue 2 2013

Living off the land

Very often for any army engaged in conflict the issue is not so much victory, but how to get there. In fact, what often determines victory relates to logistics. It amounts to living off the land well, right where you are, before the conflict ever starts. The best armies have a sense of what they are trying to do on the larger scale, but they must also come to grips with the fact that it won’t be easy. They will most likely be moving through areas with which they are unfamiliar, dealing with ever-changing scenarios that will challenge their resolve.

October Issue 1 2013

Owning nothing

One of the basic principles of economics is that resources are inherently scarce. There are never enough resources to satisfy every need and want. Proper management is in large part the effective allocation of resources.

September Issue 4 2013

A developed heart and mind

It isn’t what you know that is important — it is what you do with what you know that determines everything. The guns that you see on television and in movies were once working guns. They had to be altered in order to be used safely by actors. Independent Studio Services is required to take the functioning weapon and transform it into a prop that fires only blanks.

September Issue 2 2013

Make the Most

September Issue 1 2013

The Question About the Lord’s Disreputable Companions

There is an old hymn called “Jesus Keeps Me Near the Cross” which I am experiencing deep in my soul today because we are closing a chapter of Love INC’s contribution to the community. Yes, our article on September 12th will be the final faith article coordinated by Love INC. This has been a two-year journey! We pray that you have enjoyed the articles contributed by Love INC, friends, and people in the ministry.

August Issue 5 2013

Depression and the Spiritual Life

Depression is not only a physical and emotional problem, but it is a spiritual problem as well. In fact, for the individual who is concerned with spiritual matters, the impact of depression on one’s spiritual life is keenly felt. Our thoughts and emotions continually influence that part of us which we call our spirit. Because of this very close relationship, a disturbance in one affects the other. It is important to recognize this for it helps to understand why we also experience the effects of depression in our spiritual life.

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