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July Issue 1 2013

A day to be thankful

Today is the 4th of July. Independence Day is high up on my list of favorite holidays. I love the history of the American Revolution. George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and company all fascinate me. The odds were formidable. Yet they put everything on the line to try to secure a better life for themselves and those yet to come. No, they didn’t do everything right. And no, they were not perfect people. But they came together and did something huge. They fought for and started the United States of America. This day celebrates that achievement. Plus, there are always cool fireworks. To be honest, my love of the holiday is mostly about the fireworks.

Preparing for the worst June Issue 4 2013

Preparing for the worst

Dozens of bloody bodies were scattered across the rocky ground on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. Fire engulfed a plane in the background. Smoke swept over some victims, so thick they were nearly camouflaged.

Air Force: F-22 flights surge June Issue 3 2013

Air Force: F-22 flights surge

F-22 pilots and maintenance personnel from the active duty 3rd Wing and the Reserve 477th Fighter Group generated and flew nearly 90 sorties here June 11-12.

June Issue 3 2013

In Alaska, expect anything

I must say that Alaska is a downright persnickety state. This state does things just to prove people wrong and “make life interesting.” In most places you know that when you wash your car it will rain. Well, Alaska goes above and beyond to prove that it is one contrary state.

Dropping in June Issue 2 2013

Dropping in

In mere minutes, Army paratroopers recently turned a quiet, empty field into a battleground. The more than 500 paratroopers who filled the skies were members of the Army’s 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division, which dropped onto the Malamute Drop Zone on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson as part of a massive three-day training mission designed to simulate the quick takeover of hostile enemy territory.

Special visit June Issue 2 2013

Special visit

Every child has a hero or idol. At Providence Children’s Hospital, there are a handful of children who are fond of Air Force pilots in particular. These children were privileged to meet some of these individuals during a recent visit to the hospital by a group of pilots from the 302nd Fighter Squadron, the 517th Airlift Squadron and the 537th Airlift Squadron.

June Issue 1 2013

Getting ready for camp

Austin, my younger son, goes off to camp this week, God Seekers camp at Birchwood Camp in Chugiak. I’m not sure I’m prepared for him to leave for three days. It’s not that he is going off without me, but that I’m sending him completely alone, without brother or sister as well. Whenever I leave them, I feel comfortable knowing that all three have each other’s backs. If I forget to tell the babysitter every rule, detail, or peculiarity about my children, the others will take care of it. They know just what to do to make each other feel better. They care for each other and look out for each other all the time. I never worry about a thing when I know they are together.

She’s blazing a trail June Issue 1 2013

She’s blazing a trail

Collette Ohotnicky has proven her mettle to JBER residents by organizing the construction of the Upper Otter Lake Nature Trail. This trail was constructed to provide residents with a path to traverse the north side of base and take in all of JBER’s scenery.

Security forces ready for the worst May Issue 5 2013

Security forces ready for the worst

Airmen and civilians of 673d Security Forces Squadron performed their annual high-risk response training during Police Week, training that is part of a Pacific Air Forces-wide program. The U.S. Air Force partnered with Analytical Services Incorporated to conduct a diverse range of high-risk response exercises. Headquartered in Shirlington, Va., ANSER is a public service research institute that worked with the Air Force in 1958 to help with the research and development of more proficient ways of assessing situations that threaten the security of America and its people. A cadre consisting of ANSER senior analysts devised several exercises, which utilized the concepts of responding to high risk situations.

May Issue 5 2013

Getting out and about

I spent the last week down in Colorado with family. We gathered together to comfort each other in the loss of one of our own, my cousin’s beautiful daughter Breezy, age 17. She suffered from a rare blood disorder, Glanzmann’s Thrombasthenia. Last year she underwent a bone marrow transplant to cure the disorder. Unfortunately, as she was recovering her compromised immune system could not fight off an infection and she passed away. We all miss her vibrant personality, but know she is completely healed in heaven.

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