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JBER soldiers trade wings with Aussies August Issue 1 2013

JBER soldiers trade wings with Aussies

Soldiers from the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division, and the Australian Army participated in a parachute badge exchange ceremony on Pershing Field on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson July 15. The ceremony was done to show JBER Soldiers performed and met the Australian airborne qualifications.

Dropping in Down Under July Issue 4 2013

Dropping in Down Under

For about 400 Spartans, Thursday, July 18 was one long day. Paratroopers from the 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division — nicknamed the “Spartans” — spent several hours simulating all aspects of a jump from a C-17 before loading onto aircraft and making the 20-hour nonstop flight to Australia.

Band of Pacific plays final farewell July Issue 3 2013

Band of Pacific plays final farewell

In late May, Air Force Band of the Pacific members packed their bags and said farewell to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. The Band of the Pacific provided musical support from their rock, jazz and ceremonial orchestra groups to civilians and military members on and off JBER for many events, such as memorial services and seasonal performances.

July Issue 3 2013

Being bear aware

Before Alaska I never had to think about wildlife in my neighborhood. Yes, there was an aggressive duck once. And one neighborhood was right on the edge of mountain lion territory, but they kept to their side of the highway and we kept to ours. All in all, my kids and my dogs could play in the yard, and my family could take walks wherever and whenever we wanted without thinking about what we might encounter.

Airman’s best friend July Issue 2 2013

Airman’s best friend

In Iraq they were inseparable, a daring duo whose mission was to seek out dangerous explosives hidden in the desert. But as often happens after a combat deployment, the two friends drifted apart. In the years following Iraq, new assignments and advancing age sent them down separate paths.

Medical team traps mosquitoes July Issue 1 2013

Medical team traps mosquitoes

Hypochondriacs among us can rest a little easier today because of a service provided by the 673d Aerospace Medicine Squadron. The 673d AMDS is the only official government organization in Alaska that traps mosquitoes in order to have them tested for viruses and disease. From May through the latter part of September, Airmen set miniature light traps at various locations throughout Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.

July Issue 1 2013

A day to be thankful

Today is the 4th of July. Independence Day is high up on my list of favorite holidays. I love the history of the American Revolution. George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and company all fascinate me. The odds were formidable. Yet they put everything on the line to try to secure a better life for themselves and those yet to come. No, they didn’t do everything right. And no, they were not perfect people. But they came together and did something huge. They fought for and started the United States of America. This day celebrates that achievement. Plus, there are always cool fireworks. To be honest, my love of the holiday is mostly about the fireworks.

Preparing for the worst June Issue 4 2013

Preparing for the worst

Dozens of bloody bodies were scattered across the rocky ground on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. Fire engulfed a plane in the background. Smoke swept over some victims, so thick they were nearly camouflaged.

Air Force: F-22 flights surge June Issue 3 2013

Air Force: F-22 flights surge

F-22 pilots and maintenance personnel from the active duty 3rd Wing and the Reserve 477th Fighter Group generated and flew nearly 90 sorties here June 11-12.

June Issue 3 2013

In Alaska, expect anything

I must say that Alaska is a downright persnickety state. This state does things just to prove people wrong and “make life interesting.” In most places you know that when you wash your car it will rain. Well, Alaska goes above and beyond to prove that it is one contrary state.

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