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April Issue 3 2014

“The mystery of the Chugiak High School time capsule”

The following account is taken from notes former CHS teacher Andy Kirk handwrote in July 1997, shortly before he died. Since the 50th anniversary of Chugiak High School is being celebrated this summer, we thought it appropriate to print it here now.

April Issue 2 2014

“Pipple building burns”

Spontaneous combustion was named as the cause of a fire which completely destroyed a storage building at Mile 14 ½ on the Old Glenn Highway last Wednesday.

March Issue 4 2014

“Chugiak gets organized, part II”

At the next community meeting, it was decided to continue the carnival as an annual event. The sponsor of the event would be an association of all fraternal and community organizations. Members of the association would consist of all residents of the area. The name would be Chugiak Benefit Association. The directors of CBA would be elected by the membership. The purpose of CBA was to coordinate fund drives and assist member groups in supporting themselves. All groups were to share in proceeds of the CBA.

March Issue 2 2014

“Chugiak Minutes”

The Chugiak Community Club was a small group of early residents that met in February 1947 to decide on a name for their community and to get organized into a group that could oversee activities in their area.

February Issue 2 2014

The Subject of ‘Aero Space’

Our local School Superintendent, Chuck Smith, attended an informational meeting held at Elmendorf AFB last Tuesday, Dec. 11, 1962, dealing with the subject of aero space. A large group of educators, military personnel and other interested individuals attended the meeting to acquaint themselves with this “up and coming” science subject.