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Passing of a death trap January Issue 2 2012

Passing of a death trap

As winter draws to a close, we are suddenly aware that a milestone has been passed for this community.

Homesteaders to be evacuated None 2011

Homesteaders to be evacuated

“Twelve Eagle River families are to be evacuated from their homesteads on four successive Mondays.

Preserving our past December Issue 4 2011

Preserving our past

“We’re losing too many of our old timers and their personal histories!”

Before Chugiak had power December Issue 3 2011

Before Chugiak had power

For the first few years of the community, there was no electricity. During the first two years, there was only one home that had any electricity at all. This was the home of Cloyce and Justine Parks.

“City Slicker” draws many laughs November Issue 4 2011

“City Slicker” draws many laughs

Saturday sevening the Chugiak Players held the second showing of their premier production, “The City Slicker and Our Nell,” an old fashioned melodrama which was pronounced a success by all who attended the three performances.

Down Memory Lane 11/10/11 November Issue 2 2011

Down Memory Lane 11/10/11

Gene Benito, Civil Defense Director for the Chugiak District, announced that work is beginning today on a school fall-out shelter, which would accommodate 500 people.

Down Memory Lane 11/3/11 November Issue 1 2011

Down Memory Lane 11/3/11

Down Memory Lane 10/27/11 October Issue 4 2011

Down Memory Lane 10/27/11

Down Memory Lane 10/20/11 October Issue 3 2011

Down Memory Lane 10/20/11

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