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December Issue 2 2013

“Egg throwers back out on work deal”

The four youths who last week agreed to work at clean up at the Chugiak High School rather than be charged with vandalism have apparently reneged on the agreement.

December Issue 2 2013

“CHS vandals meted unique punishment”

A spokesman for the Chugiak Security Patrol stated that sometime after the school dance, vandals had plastered the outside of the building with approximately 60 dozen eggs. Also, the grounds were littered with eggshells and egg cartons.

November Issue 3 2013

“New Chugiak post office building opens”

An open house was held at the new Chugiak post office building last Saturday, Dec. 10, 1960. A special cake, which was an exact replica of the new building, had been baked by Mrs. F.S. Lee, of Swanee Slopes, and was served with coffee to the guests and patrons.