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Returning to rock June Issue 4 2013

Returning to rock

Chelsea Berry’s music career may be taking off Outside, but the 2001 Chugiak High graduate still needs to get her Alaska summer fix. “I’m going to be hanging out in the sun and fishing and hiking and camping as possible,” said Berry, who will be returning to her hometown for a special performance at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, July 2 at Jitters Coffee House in Eagle River.

April Issue 4 2013

Meet master guitarist Art Braendel

Listening to music inspires all of us. As I listened to musician Art Braendel play his acoustic guitar and sing in baritone “Touch of the Master’s Hand,” I could tell from the glimmer in his eyes and expressions on his face that it is a ballad he favors.

Folk fest family January Issue 4 2013

Folk fest family

Of all the reasons musicians play the Anchorage Folk Festival year after year, one tops the list — the other musicians. “Once a year I get to see all my musical buddies,” said Eagle River’s Cheri Spink, who’s played at nearly all 24 festivals.

Family folksters January Issue 4 2012

Family folksters

The Hoppers never miss the Anchorage Folk Festival.

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