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April Issue 1 2013

Volunteer groups vital to library

At least once a year, I like to pay homage to the organizations whose volunteer boards play enormous roles in the vitality of our neighborhood libraries. Friends of the Library, the Anchorage Library Foundation and the Library Advisory Board each provide their own brand of community support to Anchorage Public Library.

March Issue 3 2013

Homework help and Alaska OWL

Thanks to the Alaska State Library, libraries across the state have access to two excellent programs. The FY2014 funding for both is going through the budget process right now and I’m crossing my fingers that they make it through unscathed.

March Issue 1 2013

Big Plans for APL Headquarters

The Z.J. Loussac Public Library opened in September of 1986 to much hoopla, part of the city’s Project ‘80s public works construction funded by oil money. The three-tower, castle-like design included stairs leading to a concrete deck and the second floor entrance. About 100 staff workstations were spread through the building behind the scenes while the patrons experienced a sweeping environment in which to select their books.

October Issue 1 2012

Zombie Prep…Your Library Wants to Help

It’s started. October is when the Zombie Apocalypse begins. The cultural cliché: “If you’re prepared for zombies, you’re ready for anything,” applies. Are you ready?

August Issue 4 2012

“Books That Shaped America” According to the Library of Congress

Staff at the Library of Congress has come up with a list of 89 books that significantly “shaped Americans’ views of their world and the world’s views of America.” The eclectic list includes poetry, fiction, plays, cookbooks, biographies, self-help, investigative journalism and books for kids. The Bible is not on the list. The earliest book is Benjamin Franklin’s 1751 “Experiments and Observations On Electricity”; the latest, Cesar Chavez’s 2002 “The Words of Cesar Chavez.”

July Issue 2 2012

Free music available from the Library

“I love the library!” yelled Linnea, one of the women on my bowling team, over the cacophony of banging balls and crashing pins at Center Bowl. She waved her MP3 player. “I love the new program that lets you download new songs every week.”

June Issue 4 2012

Summer reading opportunities abound

For us Anchorage residents, summer adventuring, more often than not, begins and ends with a road trip. Whether it’s fishing and clamming on the Kenai Peninsula or viewing the wildlife at Denali Park, there’re miles to go before you reach your destination. Enter your proverbial best friend for the trip – a good book.

Behind the scenes of a library storytime May Issue 3 2012

Behind the scenes of a library storytime

I love sharing stories with children. One of my favorite parts of being a children’s librarian is the preschool storytimes every week. But putting on a library storytime is not as easy as you might think. Here’s a snapshot of how I prepare for a weekly storytime:

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