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December Issue 3 2012

Boys & Girls Club says thanks

On behalf of the Eagle River Boys & Girls Club, I would like to extend our gratitude to Credit Union 1, Eagle River branch, for their commitment to the youth of our community. The annual Member Appreciation Night was a spectacular event, raising $14,000 for our clubhouse.

December Issue 2 2012

Special Olympians say thanks

The Special Olympics Bowling group from Eagle River would to like to extend a huge Thank You to the Eagle River Elks Club for again donating their banquet room for our annual Christmas potluck. We sincerely appreciate everything you do for us and for our community.

November Issue 4 2012

Letter to the editor

Dear editor and citizens of Alaska, I am writing to you saying that I have a project from Goff Jr. High and it has to do with Alaska.

November Issue 1 2012

Proposed AFD cuts would be detrimental to Eagle River

On Tuesday, Oct. 23, my daughter, mom and I were present at the Anchorage Assembly meeting and testified on behalf of the Anchorage Fire Department against the budget cuts pertaining to Station 11 here in Eagle River.

November Issue 1 2012

Lights drown out aurora

There was a remarkable display of northern lights recently — remarkable especially in that it actually overpowered the flood of artificial lighting growth has brought to Eagle River. Even on streets bleached by muni lighting, the aurora whisped its satiny ribbons. On older, darker streets, pulses of rich green tinged in rose streaked the sky — until a resident’s supernova lawn light blotted it out.

October Issue 3 2012

An open letter to Mayor Sullivan

The primary concern of any government must always be the safety of its citizens. I’m wondering what part of that you don’t understand?

October Issue 3 2012

Citizens need to speak up on taxi issue

Congratulations on Mike Nesper’s article (Oct. 4, “Public meeting to be held on local taxi issue”) addressing the second-rate taxi service being afforded the Chugiak-Eagle River community. I agree wholeheartedly with Assemblywoman Debbie Ossiander’s assessment of the need for the Municipality to issue taxicab permits and create a more competitive business environment. She has had a great deal of support in the industry and the means to make it happen. Unlike Eagle River Cab of the 1980s, which had to rent an office and operate its own 24-hour dispatch, the new computerized dispatch being utilized by both Yellow and Checker cabs can transmit to well over a thousand cars and multiple phone lines. Yellow and Checker are not really cab companies. They do not own any cars or hire drivers and have little to do with the quality of service. In reality, all it would take to start an Eagle River Cab is for Yellow Cab to add a phone line and for the Muni to auction off five to 10 permits specifically for the new company. Yellow Cab will be responsible for advertising and adding direct lines to local businesses, while individual owner/operators would bid on the new permits and pay Yellow Cab for its services.

September Issue 3 2012

Candidate thanks supporters

Ellen and I would like to sincerely thank the many Eagle River voters who cast their ballots for Larry Wood for State House! We campaigned to win and the outcome was disappointing. However, we take great pride in our community, our Last Frontier state, and our many volunteers, supporters, and contributors! You are magnificent and I smile each time I think about our positive and colorful splash over the many months leading up to the election. Thank you for sharing your time and talents — and getting behind our vision for a brighter future for Alaska and our community. Go Chugiak-Eagle River! Many thanks to Kim Skipper and to her campaign team for their graciousness and friendly competition during the campaign. Rest assured, Ellen and I will continue to be active in state and community affairs. We’ll see you out there!

September Issue 1 2012

Republican nominee says thanks

They say that every journey begins with a first step, but this one has begun with tens of thousands.

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