Archive of: Letters to the Editor



May Issue 2 2012

Arts vital to local schools

We are writing to share our concern for the Visual Arts program in the Anchorage School District. In art classes, students are taught to envision, persist, create, innovate and use their imagination. As art teachers, we can point to numerous former students who are now studying and/or working in graphic design, illustration, architecture and art education. When considering our educational system, and how best to prepare students for the workforce, we understand that the skills we teach will help prepare students for a job market that is unpredictable and ever-changing. For many of our students, the arts are their home throughout the day, the place where they learn how to express themselves, and where they meet their friends and other like-minded peers. Educational studies have shown definitively that students with access to arts education have better academic results, better workplace opportunities and more civic engagement.

April Issue 3 2012

Scouting for Food 2012 a big success

The Chugiak-Eagle River Food Pantry would like to thank our area scouts and our local community. “Scouting for Food,” during which Scouts collect food for local food banks and food pantries, started nationwide in 1986. Today, scouts are committed to providing millions of hours of service.

April Issue 3 2012

School board member takes issue with election profile assertion

I am writing to correct a statement made in a candidate profile that ran in your paper just before the April election. Another school board candidate (who was not my opponent) stated that I want to rebuild West for $300 million. This is an inaccurate portrayal of my involvement in the West-Romig as a Center of Community master plan. I joined the steering committee for redeveloping the West-Romig campus because of my position as the executive director of the Anchorage School Business Partnerships, a program that sets up partnerships between businesses and organizations with K-12 schools in the Anchorage School District. Any ASD project that potentially includes and encourages the community to participate in education is of interest to the partnership program.