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August Issue 3 2012

Aug. 9 edition ‘useless’

The Aug. 9 Star was perhaps the most useless issue I have ever seen.

August Issue 3 2012

Kim Skipper will work hard for Eagle River

I have lived in Eagle River since 1984 and I’m concerned about Alaska’s future. My family and I are supporting Kim Skipper for State House. Kim worked under State Representative Anna Fairclough as her Legislative Aide. I’m happy that Kim Skipper is now running to represent Eagle River, Eagle River Valley and Hiland Road since Anna Fairclough is seeking a State Senate seat.

August Issue 2 2012

Illegal signs a nuisance

As I drive down the public highway and city streets, I constantly see illegal campaign signs on public property (streets, right of ways, etc.).

August Issue 1 2012

Candidate says thanks

Chugiak-Eagle River is such a wonderful and supportive community to live in. Let me express how thankful I am for our town and for the great people who live here. Nearly 100 people (and three furry friends) came out to join my campaign team and me to march in the Bear Paw Parade! I greatly appreciate each and every one of you! Your energy and enthusiasm was inspiring.

July Issue 4 2012

Family thanks supporters

We would like to thank the following businesses and communities that have helped support Ty’s expenses for travel to see a specialist for his brain tumor. Without the Eagle River, Soldotna and Fairbanks communities, Alaska Air National Guard of Anchorage, friends and family we would never be able to get him to Seattle.

July Issue 3 2012

Scoop your poop

The Bear Paw Parade was a great success, but the people who chose to bring their pets should be ashamed of themselves. There was dog poop everywhere, and should have been picked up by the owners. Please don’t bring your pets if you can’t be responsible.

July Issue 3 2012

Gangs out of control

Back 50 years ago in Anchorage, the authorities didn’t have to worry about the shoot to kill policy because the authorities kept things under control. Today we have 170 criminal gangs from Anchorage to the valley, all of whom would like to take down a cop as a trophy. The police know this and that makes them on edge all the time. If the authorities would put today’s violent attack criminal gangs behind bars, then things would be somewhat under control and shoot to kill wouldn’t be as big of a concern as it is today.

July Issue 2 2012

Cartoon was in poor taste

The political cartoon in the July 5 issue was in really bad taste. For one thing, the problem with the immigration laws is not that Congress needs to do something on it, the problem is that there are laws already in place to deal with it but our Government REFUSES to enforce them.

June Issue 4 2012

Community’s support greatly appreciated

I have always known that I lived in an awesome community populated by awesome people. Never had that been made more evident to me than when friends and neighbors staged and then gathered together for my benefit dinner at the Lions Club Park. I even heard a rumor that a video had been made of the event and I really look forward to seeing it soon, since I wasn’t able to attend.

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