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April Issue 4 2014

Oh, the possibilities

In October, I stumbled upon a new business in Eagle River and it just keeps getting better. Some of you may have known the spot as Harry’s Auto many years ago, or as Napa Auto or the Eagle River Candy Store. Now it is a lovely antique and vintage business called “The Possibilities Shop.”

April Issue 3 2014

Thanks so much

The Special Olympic Bowling group of Eagle River would like to thank the Elks Club of Eagle River. Thank you for providing the use of your banquet room so that we could hold our awards dinner and ceremony.

April Issue 3 2014

Say no to No Trespassing sign

This is in regarding the ‘No Trespassing’ sign posted on the gate of the path that leads to the Wallace Brothers LLC property. What I am saying is I and many others have been using this path for over 10 years and have never seen a No Trespassing sign posted on this path before.

April Issue 2 2014

Letters to the editor

Editor’s note: The following are letters to the editor received at the Star from students at Gruening Middle School as part of their Project Citizen assignment. While all information contained within these letters can’t be substantiated, we’re running them as a testament to how young minds and voices can make a difference.

March Issue 4 2014

Reflections from an Assembly candidate

Nearly 20 years ago my family and I pulled off the Glenn Highway looking for the friend of a friend (we knew nobody else) that was gracious enough to let us park at her house in Eagle River. I knew right away this adventure was going to take hard work, perseverance, skill, and the help of many others. We bought our first home and have been committed to our community ever since.

March Issue 4 2014

Bill Starr is a must for a second term

Bill Starr has merit, sound principles, is focused and determined. Bill is passionate and committed to his job and to the community he represents. Bill is all about facts; he does not have an “if it feels good, do it” mentality. He listens, researches, gathers facts and fosters feedback built from facts and merits as to the benefit to the community as a whole and not just an individual.

March Issue 4 2014

Stop costly tax codes

Every year Americans negotiate 74,000 pages of costly and complex tax codes and spend roughly $265 billion and 6.1 billion hours filling out tax forms. This amount of time and money can be better spent on growing the economy and creating jobs.

March Issue 4 2014

First-time Assembly candidate thoughts

My name is Sharon Gibbons and I am running for the Municipal Assembly District 2 Seat C to bring new energy and advocacy on behalf of the constituents living in Birchwood, Chugiak, Eagle River and Eagle River Valley, Eklutna, JBER, northeast Muldoon and Peters Creek.

March Issue 3 2014

Community, excellence and respect

As I drive to work, I pass by my favorite coffee shop as I travel down the familiar roads of Eagle River. Eagle River holds many of my dear memories, from childhood to recent years. As a graduate of Chugiak High School, I appreciate the excellent education I received from teachers, as well as, my community. One of my first jobs at a local photo shop taught me the importance of community and the comfort of seeing familiar faces. That strong sense of community is at the heart of my teaching at Eagle River High School. I began my journey to become an educator right here in my hometown of Eagle River, pursued my BA and Masters at UAA. I am a product of our public schools and our state university.

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