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March Issue 3 2014

Community, excellence and respect

As I drive to work, I pass by my favorite coffee shop as I travel down the familiar roads of Eagle River. Eagle River holds many of my dear memories, from childhood to recent years. As a graduate of Chugiak High School, I appreciate the excellent education I received from teachers, as well as, my community. One of my first jobs at a local photo shop taught me the importance of community and the comfort of seeing familiar faces. That strong sense of community is at the heart of my teaching at Eagle River High School. I began my journey to become an educator right here in my hometown of Eagle River, pursued my BA and Masters at UAA. I am a product of our public schools and our state university.

March Issue 2 2014

SJR 9 offers little choice to Alaska students

As a teacher, and as a single mother of three girls in the Anchorage School District, I have some very serious concerns about Alaska Senate Joint Resolution 9.

March Issue 2 2014

Vote to repeal SB 21

Lots of voices claiming the gospel of oil taxes. By August voter decisions are likely to boil down to whose gospel voters trust. Has Rick Mystrom forgotten that five legislators were found guilty of bribery charges related to the VECO scandal and their “yes” votes on a bill quite similar to the legislation he is defending today?

March Issue 2 2014

Armed for an A

In the news is the “ Campus gun bill before committee.” There is nothing more important in the world for a student to get an A in their class. An armed student is in a much better position to negotiate with the teacher to get an A in class than an unarmed student.

March Issue 2 2014

Scottish Highland Games are moving

The Alaskan Scottish Club has been presenting the Alaskan Scottish Highland Games for the past 32 years, and most of those Games have been held at Eagle River Lions Club Park. Early games were held on the first Saturday in August. In later years the games were switched to the last Saturday in June. In some of the middle years, dates floated around a bit so as not to conflict with Elmendorf AFB Air Shows. Two years, 1995 and 1996, the games were held in Anchorage. Now, after a long and successful run in Eagle River, the games are moving to the Alaska State Fairgrounds in Palmer. The games have simply outgrown the Lions facility on Eagle River Rd.

March Issue 1 2014

Thanks so much

I would like to thank everyone who donated warm items to Project Homeless Connect last year. This year we had over 2000 warm items to give away. We appreciate The Tangled Skein and Far North Yarn Co. for allowing us to place a collection bin in their place of business.

March Issue 1 2014

Thanks for the extra effort

Life is full of opportunities and challenges. Where we go and what we seek can give us courage, strength, and endurance or defeat if we allow. A young man in our community was faced with a big challenge and a hero in our town stepped up and made a 3-point basket.

March Issue 1 2014

School cuts result in starvation mode educational system

To offer another angle on all the posturing and passion regarding the current debate about school funding, consider these results of the legislature’s three year “get fit” funding diet on the school I teach at, Eagle River High.

February Issue 4 2014

Give Eagle River football a chance

Eagle River High School has hired a new football coach who teaches in the building that, in my opinion, is a number one prerequisite to a successful football program.