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‘Brake light hill’ getting a makeover October Issue 4 2014

‘Brake light hill’ getting a makeover

The moniker “brake light hill” should begin fading from the vernacular of Glenn Highway travelers in about a year. That’s the goal of the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities’ Eagle River bridge project.

To Pot, or not to pot (that is the question) October Issue 3 2014

To Pot, or not to pot (that is the question)

Should marijuana be legalized in Alaska? It’s a thorny issue. And the complications and emotions attributed to both sides were evident when opponents and supporters of Ballot Measure 2 presented their views at the Chugiak-Eagle River luncheon Oct. 1.

Eagle River Panthers rule October Issue 3 2014

Eagle River Panthers rule

Saving the best for last, more than one division of the Eagle River Panthers Association Pop Warner football program avenged earlier season losses to claim a state title.

Capturing autumn, the fleeting season October Issue 2 2014

Capturing autumn, the fleeting season

Autumn seems to rush past us like a gust of wind, and try as we might, it’s difficult if not impossible to prolong it so we can savor the brilliant colors, brisk mornings and snow-dusted mountain tops.

Little Free Library October Issue 1 2014

Little Free Library

Ann Smith, a teacher for 30 years, has gifted the children of the Upper Sunny Circle neighborhood with a Little Free Library (

Ms. Mayor, maybe October Issue 1 2014

Ms. Mayor, maybe

Amy Demboski sits at a backroom table in Jitters wearing a maroon jacket and lacey black top, her blond hair falling around her shoulders. She looks friendly yet serious. She takes off her glasses, makes herself comfortable.

Fifty years of Mustang glory September Issue 4 2014

Fifty years of Mustang glory

Remember high school? Pimples? Algebra? Detention? But wait! There were good things too: Dances, slipping notes in class (hence the detention) and flirting with your favorite squeeze.

Family, friends remember ‘old soul’ September Issue 4 2014

Family, friends remember ‘old soul’

Her mother remembers Linda’s fat toddler cheeks. How Linda’s dad would hold her, and stroke her cheeks, and the look of pure bliss that came over her daughter’s face then.

In memory, and in honor September Issue 3 2014

In memory, and in honor

A large flag fluttered overhead as firefighters from across Alaska gathered at the Alaska Fallen Firefighter Memorial in downtown Anchorage on Sept. 11 to honor firefighters and emergency responders who died in the line of duty.

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