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Chugiak wins state June Issue 2 2015

Chugiak wins state

“Who’s got my back?” “We’ve got your back!” The spontaneous huddle in the Mulcahy Stadium outfield long after the presentation of the team trophies found Mustang assistant coach Mark Bohrer in the midst of the state champion Chugiak baseball team.

Eagle River Elks raise more than $6,000 for Alaska wounded vets June Issue 2 2015

Eagle River Elks raise more than $6,000 for Alaska wounded vets

Al Nagel, treasurer of the Eagle River Elks club, gets teary when he talks about the things the Elks have done to support Alaskan veterans in the Wounded Warriors program.

Locally-raised chickens lay eggs with darker, richer yolks June Issue 2 2015

Locally-raised chickens lay eggs with darker, richer yolks

Feed your own chickens that lay eggs for your own consumption and you gather a product whose nutrient composition is of your doing. It’s a big reason why Jessica Jansen, co-owner of Fire Lake Farm located just outside of Eagle River with her husband, Andy Jansen, began raising chickens five years ago.

Bullying in the age of social media June Issue 1 2015

Bullying in the age of social media

Our cover story, about a man who received an apology from one of his bullies 20 years after the fact, involves two men who are graduates of Chugiak High School. The Star wanted to know, what does the social landscape look like in high school today, when it comes to bullying in an age of Facebook, Snapchat and Tumblr? Social media sites can spread gossip, photos, or other kinds of social aggression against a target far and wide. I sat down with four Chugiak High School juniors, told them about our cover story, and listened to what they had to say about bullying and social media, and what they think parents and teachers can do to help them have healthy social experiences in high school.

Healing power June Issue 1 2015

Healing power

People talk about the school bully – someone who consistently pushes other people around. They talk less about the school target.

For Eagle River couple, going all in on local food feeds a growing passion June Issue 1 2015

For Eagle River couple, going all in on local food feeds a growing passion

A commitment to eating locally-produced food isn’t convenient. When one chooses to grow all of one’s own food, it becomes even more challenging.

‘You fight for love’ May Issue 4 2015

‘You fight for love’

Bill Martin shouldered an army surplus rucksack, walked out the door of the Brooklyn home he shared with his father, and set out for anywhere. At 16, he’d thumbed the pages of Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” more times than he could remember.

A Chugiak legend May Issue 3 2015

A Chugiak legend

She wore a yellow scarf. Ella, slender, beautiful brown-haired Ella, riding a bicycle through Chugiak’s main street with two friends, riding all the way from Canada because ever since she was a school girl in Sweden, she had wanted to go to Alaska.

April showers bring May flowers May Issue 1 2015

April showers bring May flowers

Tradition dictates that May is the month of flowers. European spring festivals that featured a Maypole dance and baskets of flowers have survived in some American traditions, with children bringing handmade baskets of flowers to hang on neighbors’ doors in celebration of the season. On May 10, families will celebrate Mothers Day, with a bouquet a favorite gift for mom. On Memorial Day, May 25, military families will honor their loved ones who have passed on with flowers carefully placed at their cemeteries.

‘This is our Anchorage’ May Issue 1 2015

‘This is our Anchorage’

Ethan Berkowitz won out over Amy Demboski at the polls May 5, with 59 percent of voters lofting him into the mayor’s seat. Demboski received 41 percent of the vote. On election night, polls stayed open until 8 p.m., and at Demboski’s campaign headquarters, Cinco de Mayo decorations and snacks awaited supporters who started streaming in at 7 p.m.

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