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Making the 49th trek to the 49th state with my dad June Issue 2 2014

Making the 49th trek to the 49th state with my dad

How long is your memory lane? For my father, the distance once was approximately 1,532 miles, now listed at 1,327 miles. The shorter length is not due to mental decay, but rather rerouting and continuing improvements to the Alaska-Canadian Highway, or ALCAN.

Rapids, logjams, sweepers and more June Issue 1 2014

Rapids, logjams, sweepers and more

It’s finally summer. The days are long and the weather is warm and outdoor activities are at their peak. For many this means it’s time to hit the water. More specifically, a quick jaunt down Eagle River in a canoe, kayak or raft.

Tilton to run for State House District 12 June Issue 1 2014

Tilton to run for State House District 12

Cathy Tilton, a local advocate and successful businesswoman, announced her candidacy to replace Rep. Bill Stoltze (R-Chugiak) in the upcoming election. Tilton is a lifelong Alaskan and long-time Valley resident, having first moved to Big Lake from Anchorage in 1980. Since the mid-1980s she’s lived in the Fairview neighborhood of Wasilla.

Oh, what a visual delight May Issue 5 2014

Oh, what a visual delight

Walking through the Hiland Mountain Correctional Center’s plant sale last week was like walking through a dream. The sun shined and everyone smiled and all around were vibrant flowers in every imaginable color: Reds and whites, blues and violets, dark reds and shy, blushing pinks. And then there were the smells: Deep and succulent, with a lingering hint of sweetness.

Topping off the memories May Issue 4 2014

Topping off the memories

Attention! Stand up tall and straight, Chugiak-Eagle River, and give a proper salute. William “Top” Dill, the longtime naval sciences instructor at Chugiak High School, is retiring from the classroom after 22 years of teaching.

Pomp and circumstance, and super heroes May Issue 4 2014

Pomp and circumstance, and super heroes

There were balloons. And confetti. A little bit of dancing, and a whole lot of laughter. And, of course, tears: Joyful, happy, proud, ecstatic tears. The Chugiak and Eagle River Class of 2014 graduations took place at the Sullivan Arena on a sunny Thursday.

Surprise, it’s Cierra Mickens May Issue 3 2014

Surprise, it’s Cierra Mickens

Oh, my! Things were rocking in the Gruening Middle School multipurpose room when Cierra Mickens made a surprise visit to the school’s talent show last week. Yes, Cierra Mickens! In the flesh!

Mother’s Day is more than flowers May Issue 2 2014

Mother’s Day is more than flowers

For Eagle River hair dresser Joan Weinberger, Mother’s Day this year isn’t marked with the traditional trappings: A box of sampler candy, the chocolate covered strawberries, a bountiful bouquet of flowers and the afternoon yummy buffet. Hers is more aligned with life’s nitty gritty. It is a celebration of milestones and victories that at times only she can see as she battles to keep her 23-year-old son from further legal troubles and on the healing path from a traumatic brain injury. It is an acceptance of things she never dreamed when she first held him. It is taking steps at his side that she never thought she’d have to take.

Wearable art meets creative designs May Issue 2 2014

Wearable art meets creative designs

The fashion scene hits Eagle River Saturday night as the creativity of local designers and the strutting of local models hits the catwalk erected inside Community Covenant Church at 7 p.m.

See how they succeed May Issue 2 2014

See how they succeed

It was an impressive evening, filled with calculus puns, military humor and a lot of hardworking individuals ready to embark on a new chapter of their lives. The Eagle River 2014 Senior Awards Ceremony honored students with medals, scholarships and college intent letters.

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