When it comes to meeting challenges, our response is simple: We serve. In over 200 countries and 1.4 million strong we serve in hospitals and senior centers, in regions battered by natural disaster, in schools and eyeglass recycling centers, Lions are doing community volunteer work, helping, leading, planning and supporting.

Because we’re local, we can serve the unique needs of the communities we live in. And because we’re global, we can address challenges that go beyond borders.

In their quest to keep busy in the community by serving, the Bear Mountain Leos have decided on a monthly project of providing monthly meals to those at the Fisher House. 

The first meal was wild rice/chicken soup with salad. The second entailed various breakfast items. The Bear Mountain Leos are the youth of lionism from ages from 13-18. They meet each week at the Boys and Girls Clubs and plan their community activities.

Do you know what the strongest muscle in your body is? You might guess the heart or the leg muscles, right? Well, the answer is very convoluted, as there are several muscle groups in our body. The extraocular muscles of the eye may be small. But their ability to carry out repeated motions is worth noting. I’ve heard it said these muscles are “100 times stronger than they need to be.” They are also referred to as the “busiest” muscles. For example, while reading a book, these eye muscles make over 10,000 coordinated movements.