The heart of a lion

Thursday, August 25, 2011 - 07:34
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Many of us have made countless trips to Lions Park in Eagle River to watch our kids play ball, attend the Fourth of July festivities or be a part of the Highland games. But have we ever stopped to consider who takes care of the park, or the clubhouse that sits unassumingly in the corner of the parking lot, or where the name of the park came from? The answer all comes back to the same group of people: LIONS.

Now the question becomes, what is a Lion? The answer is just as diverse as the community service projects these clubs embark upon every year. Lions are our neighbors, teachers, moms and dads, brothers and sisters; they are from all walks of life and all share a common interest to aid those in our community that need help, and proactively develop projects which make our community a stronger, more viable place to live. The heart of a Lion is not defined by who we are; rather, our desire to help people within our community and provide a place where all are welcome to join us in our effort.

If you have ever thought about getting involved in community service, no matter if only a few hours a month or year, we invite you to attend a local Lions meeting, or check us out online. Our community has three Lions clubs for individuals over 18: the Sleeping Lady Mountain Lions, the Eagle River Lions (both meet at the Lions Club at Lions park) and the Chugiak Lions, who meet at the American Legion in Peters Creek. Those looking to get their kids involved in community service — which can lead to numerous scholarship opportunities — can check out the Bear Mountain Leos club.

The Lions Corner is a new weekly feature of the Star. Each week, the area’s three clubs will use this space to update the community on their various activities. For more information on the Lions, visit or call Lion Amy at 301-9179.

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