Wednesday, September 21, 2011 - 20:00
Tidbits from the past

You didn’t know WHEN she’d come knockin’ if you didn’t have a phone, but when you answered the unexpected summons, Eulie Davis would be standing on your doorstep.

“Come quickly! I’ll drive you,” she’d address either the neighbor or spouse.

There’d been an accident, and no matter if it was on the Glenn Highway or off in the tule-puckers of a local homestead, an injured neighbor needed blood and YOU had the right type!

“Come on!” and off you’d go for a white-knuckle ride to Providence or ANS Hospital with erratic Eulie at the wheel of her ancient station wagon. “Walking Blood” she called it.

This was in an era before any blood bank was established in the future Anchorage Bowl. No matter. If you were vertical with a pulse and breathing, you were typed and ready to give, and so you did…more than once! It was a community service that energetic Eulie operated — voluntarily. She was a persuasive lady. Her “blood on demand” was a true service to the Eagle River and Chugiak areas and more than one local yokel benefitted from her dedication. She recognized a need and filled it. A week or so later, she’d be pounding at your door selling quality Minnesota woolen mills products for all your little kids. What a gal!

A few years later, Eulie’s blood business was un-necessary when a regular blood bank was established, and she went on to other callings. She was one of the early movers, shakers and get-it-done local characters; a feisty, fun but no-nonsense lady who was a real asset to this fledgling community and ... a good friend.

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