A Special Place

Wednesday, September 21, 2011 - 20:00

Do you think of places, far from home…

Places you’ve been, with others, alone?


Relax, and let your memories flow,

You can find this place if you want to go;


By the river’s bend, where the big trout lie,

Forget cares and woes, become one with sky;


Skiing by moonlight through a snowy field,

A sparkling blanket of jewels revealed;


Warmed by the wood stove, crackling into the night;

Aurora paints sky, a montage of light;


On a tropical beach, ‘neath a waterfall,

Sanctuaries of the soul, you can hear them call;


In a sailboat plying Prince William Sound,

On Ruth Glacier, no one else around;


Jet skiing Resurrection Bay,

You can’t forget that special day;


Boarding the powder in Hatcher Pass,

Mushing the Iditarod, the pace is fast;


On the Kenai River, drifting for Kings,

Panning for gold, to see what fortune brings.


Eating berries on Lost Lake Trail,

Bounding downhill in Mt. Marathon shale;


And never-ending campfire stories,

Recounting past fame and future glories;


Simple times we remember the most,

Beach combing, berry picking, a weenie roast;


Playing with the dog, gazing at stars,

Haggling over dibs on candy bars;


Bicycling to our favorite spot,

Jumping in the lake when the weather’s hot;


Chena Hot Springs in early spring,

Is a place to make your spirit sing;


Byers Lake during a golden September,

Is a magical place you’ll always remember;


But the best place of all, is close to the heart,

Where love and joy and giving start.


Frank E. Baker is a freelance writer who lives in Eagle River.

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