The foundation of service

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 - 20:00
Lions Corner

In today’s busy world, it seems all too often parents are going one direction and kids are going another. As parents, many of us try to keep our kids busy. We want them to excel in school, be active in sports, and develop a sense of pride and ownership of who they are and where they came from. The difficulty for many of us, is finding the time and the opportunity to expose our kids to experiences outside of our everyday routine. We want to reinforce the lessons we’ve taught them, and to introduce them to new experiences that challenge them to learn and grow.

Recently, the Lions had the opportunity to listen to a Boy Scout discuss his Eagle Scout Project. This young man came to speak in front of a group of about 30 adults. Now, the thought of public speaking, to a group of adults, who this child doesn’t know, may be intimidating and even down right scary. But without hesitation, this young man stood in front of a crowded room and discussed the project he had been working so hard on. Many of us marveled at the amount of time, effort, and money this young man had put into his project, for the benefit of the community. But, beyond his community project, the thought in my mind kept going back to what a wonderful foundation this child must have had to become strong, confident, young man I saw in front of me.

I have little doubt the Boy Scouts have taught life lessons this child will carry with him throughout his life. But beyond the merit badges and projects, is community service, the joy and responsibility to serve others. Whether the discussion focuses on Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, or the Bear Mountain Leos, the common thread is these youth groups all teach kids the importance of community, service, and commitment. The Bear Mountain Leos are a youth group sponsored by the Sleeping Lady Mountain Lions. They sponsor projects to help foster kids, soldiers serving overseas, and countless other projects throughout the year. As parents we cannot always control the experiences our children have; however, we can expose them to new ones, that can not only open there eyes to a world beyond themselves, but teach them the power one person has to make a difference.

If you are interested in getting your child involved in community service, check out our website at, or call Amy for more information at 301-9179.

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