The world is a changin'

Wednesday, October 26, 2011 - 20:00

Well, it is official: Fall is here. Whether it’s the termination dust that is knocking at the door, the shorter days, or the sounds of studded tires as we drive to work, there is just no denying that Old Man Winter is right around the corner. I am one of the many Alaskans that refuse to let go of fall, at least until there is a foot of snow on the ground; and even then, it might not stick! I have often claimed fall is my favorite time of year. It marks the annual moose hunt with the family, the smell of a crisp cool morning, the excitement of the approaching holiday season, seeing the neighborhood children dressed up in their Halloween costumes and carving pumpkins with the kids.

As the years pass, many traditions stick around and even more take root. I first realized a new fall staple when I was watching a football game with my family. I looked up and realized a new accessory in football: PINK. Yes, I said it, pink. Players wearing pink socks, pink towels, pink armbands. Now an observant person would have realized right away the correlation, but in the spirit of full disclosure, I thought, “Hmmm, the world is a changing.’” Then I had a (obvious to most) realization: It’s breast cancer awareness month! I remember a time when an illness like breast cancer wasn’t talked about. There was a time when people with this disease dealt with it in silence. Today, many of us can name at least 3 or 4 people we know who have dealt with this disease. So I go back to my earlier statement: The world is a changin’ — and I, for one, am glad to be part of the change. I am glad to advocate for research, support a friend who is dealing with cancer and to support organizations, like the Lions, the Elks, the VFW, and the American Cancer Society, that help those who need assistance when dealing with cancer.

So, as we contemplate the season and get ready for the next one, I am left thinking about the people I know who somehow found the resilience and courage to fight this battle. There are many who give their time, money, heart and soul to find a cure for this disease and support those who are diagnosed with it. As I look around, I know the color of fall may be orange. But the color of compassion, courage and hope is pink.

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