Service groups gear up for the holidays

Wednesday, November 2, 2011 - 20:00

It appears we have made it through another fall season. The kids have conquered the benchmark first quarter of school, and the parents have survived another round of parent teacher conferences; though some kids would argue they were the ones that survived those same conferences. Many Alaskans have their PFDs tucked safely away in their bank accounts, and even more have embraced their duty to stimulate the economy. Regardless of the benchmark one uses to leave one season behind and welcome another, there is no doubt the holiday season is quickly approaching.

As we begin to daydream about turkey, stuffing, and apple pie, we enter the season when many service groups kick their activities into high gear. The holiday season doesn’t only usher in a change in wardrobe, but it brings an energy, a spirit of community, and the opportunity to reflect on our lives and the year we are about to leave behind. From the blood bank to food pantries, non-profits will be buzzing with activity and looking to the community to pitch in and lend a helping hand.

So, whether you choose to make a pit stop at the blood bank, donate your time to serve a holiday meal, or crack open your wallet to share with an organization you believe in, the one thing that can be guaranteed is your contribution, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated. Throughout the next two months the Lions will be highlighting opportunities to get involved in projects that will not only make a difference in the life of another, but could also make a difference in your own. There are infinite ways in which each of us can contribute in our community; we hope you find a way that speaks to you and you enjoy every minute. Have a happy and safe holiday season.

To learn more about Lions clubs in our community visit or call Amy at 301-9179.

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