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Wednesday, November 2, 2011 - 20:00
20 Years ago this week
Teachers mount picket line protest

A front-page story in the Oct. 31, 1991 Chugiak-Eagle River Star showed about a dozen teachers picketing on the Old Glenn Highway to protest an ongoing contract dispute.

“All we want is a fair contract,” read one sign, carried by teacher Geno Cherry.

Teachers had been working without a contract since the end of the last school year, and teachers said they were on the verge of a strike if a new contract settlement could not be reached.

Teachers said they were being forced to work too long of hours and needed more time to prepare for their classes.

“A lot of us spend our lunch hour getting ready for the next hour because we’re not getting enough time to get it done before hand,” Cherry told the star. “People might think it’s just money, but it’s isn’t. It’s working conditions.”


Burglaries discourage food pantry

Burglars hit the Eagle River food pantry for the second time in two months. Both times, thieves made off with about $500 worth of chicken, turkey, hamburgers, butter, milk and canned goods.

Rev. William Greene, pastor of the Eagle River Missionary Baptist Church, explained how the hungry thieves broke in.

“They knocked the window glass out of the front door,” he said.


Man alleges sexual assault

A local man said he and a male co-worker attended a party in Anchorage together, during which time he became intoxicated and fell asleep. He awoke several hours later to find the suspect attempting to perform oral sex on him. He asked the man to stop, which he did.

The victim later consulted an attorney, who advised him to contact police. The victim said he consumed five beers after the alleged assault, and would not have been able to talk to police immediately afterward because of his intoxicated state.

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